From Microsoft to Ola: IIT Delhi's 2024 batch gets 1,050 offers in phase 1

By Consultants Review Team Friday, 22 December 2023

The class of 2024 of the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, has bagged 1,050 job offers, according to an announcement by the institute. These include pre-placement offers. Among the recruiters are companies like Air India, Ola Electric, Microsoft, and Texas Instruments.

Out of the total, 50 offers are from 20 international companies across Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, USA and the Netherlands. Forty-two percent of the students were placed in the technical sector, followed by the IT sector (22 percent) and Consulting (11 percent).

The placement season at IITs begins in December and continues until May. The institution anticipates that more companies will join in phase 2. The following phase will begin in mid-January. Currently, 370 organizations have posted job openings for IIT Delhi graduates in over 700 job categories.

"Of these, processes for over 450 job profiles have been completed in this phase; others will be scheduled in the next phase," said Anishya O. Madan, industrial liaison officer at IIT Delhi's Office of Career Services. The high job offer figures come at a time when experts have been warning about the IT industry slowdown and the impact it may have on the placement season.

"Though it was anticipated to be a difficult year, we have done reasonably well in Phase 1 of the placement session," said R Ayothiraman, professor in charge of the Office of Career Services at IIT Delhi. "We are grateful to the recruiters for believing in our students' talent and potential and making offers on this scale." We salute the youngsters for their courage and commitment."

According to Business Standard, students at IIT-Kanpur have received 891 job offers during the current placement session. Recruiters work in a variety of industries, including consulting, information technology (IT), software, infrastructure, electronics, and manufacturing.

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During the eight-day placement season, 818 students received 891 full-time offers, including pre-placement offers. Top recruiters from IIT Kanpur included Microsoft, Fujitsu, Samsung, Reliance, Goldman Sachs, McKinsey, Texas Instruments, Qualcomm, Deutsche Bank, Tata Projects, ICICI Bank, EXL, NPCL, Intel, and TSMC.


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