Exploring Apple Vision Pro: Developer's Five-Hour Flight Experience Revealed

By Consultants Review Team Monday, 05 February 2024

Developer Amit Gupta, known for sudowrite, took to X (formerly Twitter) to share his insights after testing Apple's latest innovation, the Vision Pro. Initially hesitant, Gupta decided to explore the capabilities of Apple's most expensive product during a five-hour flight, sharing his experience on a Southwest flight.

Gupta's observations included the convenience of using his MacBook keyboard with the display mostly closed, creating a less crowded and more private screen. He noted the mirrored display appearing larger in actual use than in videos but acknowledged a slight lag. Despite Disney DRM blocking movie sharing in the screen recording, Gupta found the "old" AirPods Pro to work fine with the Vision Pro.

Updating to visionOS 1.0.2 overnight led to a notable battery drop to 50% the next morning. Gupta paid for Wi-Fi for his MacBook, but the Vision couldn't share it without an additional payment for a second device. However, as he was mirroring, it wasn't a significant issue. Gupta's seatmate appreciated the device, while others on the flight didn't seem to notice.

The tweet quickly gained traction, accumulating over 3.9 million views and various responses. One user inquired about the movie experience, to which Gupta responded that the Apple Vision Pro excels, providing an exceptional theater-like feel. Another user asked if using the device made the plane feel less claustrophobic, with Gupta confirming that it indeed felt more peaceful, although he missed being able to see his keyboard.

Gupta's detailed insights into his Apple Vision Pro experience generated significant online engagement, highlighting the interest and curiosity surrounding Apple's latest technology offering.

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