Email Of Hacker Reveals Link With Police In Bengaluru Bitcoin Fraud Case

By Consultants Review Team Monday, 26 February 2024

One of the most incredible experiences I've had is being in police custody. The cops have extended a free pass to me. I got to know all the best police officers, had access to a laptop, music, and a Zazz-tab, and the commissioner himself kept an eye on me. On February 22, 2021, while he was being held by the authorities, the well-known hacker Shrikrishna, also known as Shriki, the primary suspect in the Bitcoin fraud, wrote this to his fiancée via his personal email account.

The Criminal Investigation Department's (CID) Special Investigation Team (SIT), which is looking into the multi-crore Bitcoin fraud, found the message. The correspondence is being utilized by the SIT as evidence of the purported relationship between Shriki and the accused police officials.

The lawyer representing police inspector Prashanth Babu CM, who was a member of the investigative team that looked into the Bitcoin fraud before, objected to this discovery, pointing out that, according to the complaint, Shriki was not in police custody on the specified day.

The email is being used by the SIT to support its request to dismiss Babu's bail plea and to demonstrate how Shriki and another accused person, Robin Khandelwal, were employed to hack cryptocurrency wallets, websites, gaming applications, and other platforms in order to get unlawful access to imprison people.

Before a municipal civil and sessions court, where the plea was entered, the attorney also argued that although some Bitcoins had been unlawfully moved on January 16, 2021, Shriki was not under police custody at that time. Three years after their incarceration, Shriki and Robin are accused of being held illegally.

The probe team may have contacted government specialists

Inspector Babu, who helped with the inquiry but wasn't an investigator, was accused of taking Shriki and Robin to a software company called GCID Technologies Private Limited. However, he said that was just to make the inquiry easier. Special Public Prosecutor BN Jagadeesh countered that Babu could not have requested an inquiry from GCID. The high court issued an order pressing the CID and the Forensic Science Laboratory to provide their expertise to the investigating panel.

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