Ease your cross-browsing woes with Comparium

By Team CR Friday, 27 September 2019

Ease your cross-browsing woes with Comparium

We live in a digital world and the web has made its way into every avenue of our life and is gradually reshaping our lifestyles. This deeper internet penetration has also led to a burgeoning of millions of websites and web browsers on the World Wide Web platform. As with the availability of a wide range of web pages, browsers and operating devices, cross browsing testing has become a crucial part of developing any software.

Cross-browsing testing is the only way of deciphering that if a user is getting a uniform and consistent experience from the webpage. This phenomenon leads to the obligation of implementing software that can easily tell us the behaviour of our web page across various web browsers available on the Internetwhile also delivering an unvarying insight. But with the traditional methods of web testing, the cross-browsing testing can prove to be a tiresome task as for this simple function one has to sit in front of computer for hours.

However, the introduction of Comparium has made things much easier! Effortlessly now we can test the compatibility of our website without even spending much of our time and resources. Comparium is in its initial stages of development and is gearing up to launch the tool in the market in coming times. With the help of Comparium, an enterprise can test its accessibility and delivery nature across any different browser of any version from Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox to Internet Explorer and Safari.

Deemed as a suited and agreeable web application, Comparium helps to conquer the challenges widespread in the cross-browsing testing sector with the help of its simple and easy-to-use interface. The tool also tends to work with different browsers and operating systems. Given the adaptable and handy nature of the tool, it has turned the complete monotonous task of website testing into a child’s play wherein at the click of a button the results will be delivered to you in few minutes. Being an automated tool, it has also eliminated the hassle of manually testing the cross-browser compatibility. Moreover, with the introduction of the offline feature, a user can cut down his time to view the results. They only require submitting the information about the web page after which screenshots are sent instantly on the indicated e-mail id.

As the fully-functional first version of the application ready in line, the company has already prepared the outline of its other three versions which will be accessible to the public in coming years. These upcoming versions will take in account services ranging from theuser account with offline test scheduling, real-time web testing on a virtual desktop to access to API and other free, pro and enterprise plans. The tool is presumed to bring a much anticipated change in the cross-browsing testing space.

Looking forward to set its foot in over 2.5 thousand different browsers, Version 1 of the application will be available free of cost to everybody.Focused on yielding a perfect visual compatibility testing, Comparium will support different web browsers and their versions and browsers from different platforms.

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