Covid 19 is Set to Largely Impact Indian Healthcare System Post Pandemic

By Tanuja Akkannavar Tuesday, 12 May 2020

Covid 19 is Set to Largely Impact Indian Healthcare System Post PandemicHealthcare sector is playing a major role in controlling the Covid-19 pandemic. The private and government healthcare officials are working 24/7 risking their lives in order to treat Covid-19 patients. The government is putting in all the efforts to provide quality health care facilities for the patients and all the safety measures are being taken to protect the Covid-19 warriors such as the healthcare officials who are treating the Coronavirus cases.

The most important factor that the nation realized as soon as the pandemic took over the country is that the Indian healthcare facilities are least updated to face any such situation. The top countries who were well known for their prominent health care facilities such as Italy, USA, Spain and many more failed in this condition. Owing to this pandemic, there will be a great impact on the Indian healthcare system once impact of Coronavirus slows down. Here are the two major elements of the healthcare sector that will witness a great impact post-pandemic:  

  • Safety of the Healthcare Officials

This will be the most important issue on which the government will be hopefully focusing post-pandemic because in some cases while treating the Covid-19 patients the doctors are been infected by the patients. So there will be a huge impact on safeguarding the doctors to stand strong if any such situations occur again in future. This factor has already positively influenced the government, for example, at the beginning of this pandemic’s rise in India, the government had requested other countries to provide the PPE kits. However today, the Indian government has set a record of preparing 1 lakh PPE kits in a day which has marked a positive impact where the government is considering the doctor's safety first.

  • Availability of the Resources

In this lockdown situation, more than 60 percent of the private hospitals which roughly consists of around 8-9 lakh beds and around 75-80 percent of the doctors have not been functioning like regularly as per the government orders. The government hospitals have gained the authorities to treat all kinds of patients. A country where private hospitals are more equipped with the quality resources to treat the patients and the government hospitals are given the least priority by the officials, this pandemic has been a wakeup call. During this period only the government hospitals have been functioning to treat the Covid-19 patients, henceforth post pandemic the government should consider public hospitals as the top priority and provide them with the necessary equipments to render superior services.

In general, the cost of the treatment provided by private healthcare centers in India will be high and below the poverty line and the middle-class families will not be able to afford some of the costly treatment. Hence, the government will have to keep in mind the present scenario and the roles played by government hospitals and their doctors and improve the facilities and services provided through them. Cleanliness, updated equipment, quality treatment, medicines and many more aspects have to be developed by the government post-pandemic.

Other than this, the adoption of technology, ease of access, and there are numerous relief agendas that the Indian government looks forward to focusing in future. The healthcare system needs to be given more priority in the country to be prepared with all the necessary objectives to face not just a pandemic situation but any healthcare sector related issue in the upcoming days.

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