Corizo Edutech Surpasses 20,000 Students, Targets 500,000 in Future Expansion

By Consultants Review Team Thursday, 11 January 2024


Consultants Review Team

Corizo Edutech PVT. LTD, an ed-tech platform, proudly announces the enrollment of over 20,000 students in the past year, showcasing its commitment to enhancing employment prospects. With a steadfast focus on fostering learning and career growth, the platform sets an ambitious target of onboarding an impressive five lakh students in the coming years, according to an official statement.

More than a conventional E-Learning platform, Corizo Edutech stands out as a comprehensive ed-tech powerhouse, providing extensive support to students. It goes beyond conventional e-learning by offering internships, professional training programs, career guidance, and mentorship, embodying a holistic learning approach. The mission is clear: to connect aspiring students with the knowledge and expertise of industry professionals, nurturing successful careers.

Corizo Edutech's unique selling points include tailored programs catering to individual and organizational needs, dedicated customer support, and a commitment to providing affordable, high-quality education. The platform emphasizes its collaborations with educational institutions and industry partners, highlighting recent partnerships with esteemed colleges such as Sri Vijay Vidyalaya College of Arts and Science, Dr. M.G.R. Educational and Research Institute, PSNA College of Engineering, and more.

Himanshu Singh, Co-founder and CMO of Corizo Edutech, expressed the platform's philosophy, stating, "At Corizo Edutech, we believe in empowering students to excel in their careers by providing not just education but a comprehensive learning experience. Our platform is designed to evolve with the ever-changing industry landscape, offering personalized paths, updated curriculum, and industry collaborations."

In its forward-looking strategy, Corizo Edutech aims to enhance revenue through a comprehensive analysis of ticket pricing strategies and the introduction of higher-ticket advance programs in the initial year. The subsequent year will witness an expansion into advanced degree programs, facilitated by dedicated research, development initiatives, and strategic partnerships with universities. In the third year, the company envisions diversifying its offerings into exam preparation, strategically identifying opportunities, and creating comprehensive training modules to guide students from college entry to the successful completion of their degrees.

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