China to Restrict Intel and AMD CPUs in Government PCs

By Consultants Review Team Monday, 25 March 2024

China has issued new restrictions aimed at preventing Intel and AMD processors from being used in government PCs and servers, therefore promoting its own semiconductor sector. The action comes amid a technological battle between the United States and China, with the US imposing export restrictions to cut off Beijing's access to vital semiconductor equipment and technologies.

According to the Financial Times, China has introduced new standards to prevent the use of Intel and AMD CPUs in government PCs and servers.

The procurement regulations for Chinese government agencies and organizations, which were announced on December 26, are already in force and are likely to have an impact on Microsoft's Windows operating system and foreign-made database software by promoting Chinese alternatives. Government entities above the township level must purchase'safe and dependable' processors and operating systems.

This breakthrough coincides with China's efforts to boost its indigenous semiconductor sector in order to reduce reliance on foreign technology. The United States has already imposed export restrictions to prevent Beijing from obtaining critical semiconductor equipment and technologies. As a result, China's local chip equipment manufacturers have witnessed a huge boost in income.

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