ChatGPT Now Allows Users to Edit AI-Generated DALL-E Images

By Consultants Review Team Thursday, 04 April 2024

Specifically for its ChatGPT interface, OpenAI has added additional features to improve DALL-E, an AI-powered picture generator. The most recent updates, which were released on Wednesday, allow users to immediately edit DALL-E-generated photos within ChatGPT and offer style hints to spark original ideas. The goal of these improvements is to improve the tool's usability and accessibility, particularly for infrequent users. Notably, OpenAI also enabled universal access to ChatGPT on Tuesday, for anyone with or without OpenAI accounts.

OpenAI's official X (formerly known as Twitter) account made the announcement. The ChatGPT iOS and Android apps, as well as the online client, now include the in-line editing capability. If an OpenAI premium user is not happy with the generated picture, they may view the image to see an edit icon. Alternatively, they can visit ChatGPT and provide a prompt to make an image.

Users may pick and choose which sections of the image to alter by clicking the edit icon, which is situated before the download option. Users submit a new prompt outlining the modifications they want after choosing the desired locations. Next, using the input adjustments, the AI regenerates the picture. Notably, a comparable in-line editing functionality was also just released by Microsoft's Copilot Designer.

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