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Causes of Leaking Hydraulic Hoses and Solutions to Overcome them

By ConsultantsReview Team


ConsultantsReview Team

Most users are annoyed with the case of a leaking hydraulic hose. Reveal the causes and how to overcome them through the following review.

One component that is quite important for the performance of a hydraulic machine is the hydraulic hose. Its function is as a conductor of fluid to flow to the hydraulic pump. From here, the fluid is treated and processed to be converted into a high-pressure fluid whose temperature can reach up to 70 degrees Celsius.

What will happen if the hydraulic hose leaks?

Do not take the case of a leaky hydraulic hose trivial. Directly, of course the machine will experience several problems, including the performance of the fluid is hampered so that it affects the engine. If left unchecked, the engine will potentially trigger overheating. Isn't it very dangerous?

Causes of Leaking Hydraulic Hose

"Only used a few months, how?"

The above phenomenon is very familiar among hydraulic users. This is of course caused by various factors, one of which is the quality of the hose used.

Do not let a leaking hose interfere with your productivity performance. You should know some of the causes below;

1. Hot Sun

Most hydraulic machines work under direct sunlight, one of which is excavators. Although the temperature of the hot sun can be said to be stable, continuous exposure can cause the hose to become brittle.

Why does brittleness occur?

Indeed, the hose is made of rubber material with a mixture of several other materials. Rubber materials do not last as long as iron or copper. So do not be surprised if the hose is very susceptible to brittle properties.

2. Machine Temperature

As previously discussed, the fluid can change temperatures up to 70 degrees Celsius. However, it is not uncommon for several other cases to reveal that the engine can cause a potential above average temperature due to the impact of fluid performance that is not smooth.

In addition, the factors of cleanliness and machine maintenance greatly affect the condition of the hydraulic machine. If you are lazy to provide hydraulic system maintenance, engine performance will decrease.

3. Incorrect Specification

In fact, there are still many users who are still wrong in determining the specifications of hydraulic hoses.

Basically, hydraulic hoses have a variety of different size and pressure specifications, including the point of rupture. This does not mean that the higher the pressure, the better, but this must be adjusted by the machine used.

In order to avoid selection errors, it's a good idea to consult a hydraulic hose repair expert, Consult your hydraulic system.

Solution for Repairing Leaky Hydraulic Hose

Is there a solution in repairing a hydraulic hose that has leaked or is brittle?

There is no other way but to replace hydraulic hose components of the highest quality.

Tips For You!

In order for the hydraulic hose to have a longer life time, we recommend using a high pressure hydraulichose. This type of hose is trusted and proven to be able to avoid brittle properties quickly.

Read the full secret of high pressure hydraulic hoses here.

Then, is it more expensive?

Cheap hydraulic hoses with fake specifications generally have a short life. If you use this type of hose, of course your mechanic often goes back and forth to replace the hydraulic hose.

It's different if you use a high-quality hydraulic hose with the best quality. Although the price is relatively expensive, you don't need to change the hose more often.

Which is more profitable?

So, that's a complete review of the causes of leaking hydraulic hoses and their solutions. Hopefully the presence of the above reviews can be useful and serve as your trusted reference.

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