BT Group Broadens its Strategic Alliance with ServiceNow to Enhance Employee and Customer Experiences

By Consultants Review Team Thursday, 20 June 2024

On Thursday, BT Group and ServiceNow announced an expanded strategic partnership aimed at enhancing the customer and staff experiences. It further stated that in order to increase efficiency, drive savings, and enhance customer experiences, the multi-year arrangement would provide all BT Group businesses access to ServiceNow's service management capabilities. Additionally, BT Group intends to trial ServiceNow's Now Assist for Telecom Service Management (TSM) to boost generative AI capabilities for internal and customer-facing teams. ServiceNow Service Bridge will enable a smooth, automated link between BT and its customers.

ServiceNow Service Bridge is a crucial component of the service management platform. It facilitates smooth communication between BT Group and its corporate clients and makes order, support, and service completion and automation simple. Through support Bridge, clients will be able to send requests straight from inside their ServiceNow systems to BT's support team, consolidating previously separate procedures into a unified digital workflow. In addition, BT is among the first users to test Now Assist for TSM and take use of ServiceNow's generative AI features.

"Reimagining how we deliver service management requires a platform first approach, building stronger foundations for us to do things faster and smarter," stated Hena Jalil, BT Group's Managing Director and Business CIO. Our strategy, which unlocks value at every step of the journey and is powered by ServiceNow and augmented with AI, will revolutionize the customer experience at BT Group. Put simply, it serves as another proof to clients that we have their backs.

"We're excited to partner with BT Group to accelerate their ambitions around business transformation," stated Paul Smith, Chief Commercial Officer of ServiceNow. ServiceNow uses AI for our clients in this new era of intelligent automation, delivering speed, security, and trust. We're giving BT a competitive edge, accelerating enterprise-wide change, and assisting them in reaching new heights of productivity, creativity, and business impact by utilizing the Now Platform's speed and scalability.


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