BlueSky, Jack Dorsey's Twitter Alternative, Now Open to All Users

By Consultants Review Team Monday, 12 February 2024

You may be familiar with BlueSky, Jack Dorsey's take on Twitter. Dorsey, the former CEO of Twitter, handed over the reins to Parag Agrawal, who was later replaced by Elon Musk. Initially, BlueSky operated on an invite-only basis, requiring users to have an invite code to join. However, the platform has now opened its doors to everyone, allowing anyone to sign up and explore its features.

Originally launched as an invite-only beta version in February 2022, BlueSky has transitioned to being accessible to all. While similar to Twitter in many ways, BlueSky introduces its own unique features, such as the upcoming "labeling service." This service empowers users and organizations to create labels for content moderation purposes, enabling tasks like fact-checking or content adjustments.

Jay Graber, CEO of BlueSky, outlined the platform's approach to content moderation last year, emphasizing user control over labeling processes. BlueSky recently unveiled a paper detailing the AT Protocol, the foundation of its operations, ensuring smooth functionality across the platform.

Conceptualized under Dorsey's leadership at Twitter, BlueSky became an independent entity in 2021, now overseen by Jay Graber and a dedicated team. The platform aims to establish a network of interconnected social apps, granting users enhanced control and seamless transitions between different platforms.

BlueSky distinguishes itself with its emphasis on account portability, allowing users to transfer their accounts between platforms without data loss, a feature lacking in many other social networks. Another standout feature is its "marketplace of algorithms," enabling users to customize their feeds, thereby managing their attention more effectively.

While BlueSky was initially associated with Twitter, it has since become fully independent. Despite being smaller in scale compared to established social networks, BlueSky has rapidly grown, attracting over three million users since its launch. With its newfound openness to all users, BlueSky presents an intriguing alternative to mainstream social media platforms, offering a potentially refreshing experience for those seeking a change.

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