BlackBerry Opens A "Center of Excellence" For IoT In Hyderabad

By Consultants Review Team Thursday, 22 February 2024

The new BlackBerry IoT Center of Excellence, Engineering and Innovation, a state-of-the-art facility created to enhance mission-critical embedded software development for IoT businesses, was formally launched by BlackBerry Limited in Hyderabad. The BlackBerry IoT business announced during an inaugural ceremony in Hyderabad that its new building is now fully operational, housing some of the most talented software developers in India and serving as the Asia Pacific center for the BlackBerry QNX worldwide developer network.

In addition to investing in India's talented IoT innovators, the BlackBerry IoT CoE in Hyderabad was founded to assist the company in expanding its operations to satisfy the industry's increasing demand for its embedded software solutions and services. Offering new job possibilities for bright individuals who want to create the next generation of software-defined vehicles (SDVs) and drive innovation in medical, industrial control systems, and robotics, BlackBerry recruited both locally in the Hyderabad region and nationally.

"India is an important market for our customers in the automotive and other IoT sectors, and it's widely recognized as a nation of talented software engineers with a thriving innovation ecosystem," says Mattias Eriksson, President of BlackBerry IoT. In an increasingly complex and software-defined era for embedded IoT development, we are proud to open the BlackBerry IoT Center of Excellence, Engineering and Innovation in Hyderabad. Our goals are to improve the delivery of our products and services to our partners and customers as well as to create opportunities for India's skilled software engineers.

With teams of embedded software engineers covering a wide range of technology positions and skill sets, including senior management, technical project management, product engineering, cloud software development, integration, and service delivery, the India CoE is currently the second largest for the BlackBerry IoT division globally, after Canada. These teams are now working with the business's market-leading BlackBerry® QNX® software, which is installed in more than 235 million cars currently on the road and is renowned for its unmatched safety, security, and dependability in vital sectors.

This announcement closely follows a number of noteworthy BlackBerry IoT milestones, all of which are intended to further software-designed manufacturing, broaden the accessibility of software development tools, and improve the competencies of IoT engineers. This includes the recently released QNX® Software Development Platform (SDP) 8.0, which offers a more scalable and high-performance platform for embedded architectures to automakers and IoT system developers, as well as QNX® Sound, which empowers audio designers and engineers to produce innovative in-vehicle sound experiences.

Furthermore, QNX® Everywhere, BlackBerry IoT's newest project, will be introduced in India. BlackBerry wants to increase the number of highly qualified embedded systems developers in India and throughout the world by democratizing access to QNX development tools for students, partners, and engineers. Early in 2024, the endeavor will get underway. In the upcoming weeks, further information will be made accessible on the website.

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