Big Data Analytics Trends and Noteworthy Players in India - 2024

By Shiwani Pradhan, Correspondent, Consultants Review Wednesday, 20 March 2024

Today, Big data has become a driving force in a diverse range of organizations and sectors, be it healthcare, retail, or supply chain, among others. For instance, if we look at the banking space, the big data analytics market is expected to reach $8.58 million in 2024, growing at a CAGR of 23.11%. It is also expected to reach $24.28 million by 2029.

The areas of data science and analytics have evolved as a result of exponential expansion in data, an astounding decrease in the cost of data storage, and enormous computer capacity. These fields are now gradually permeating our social and economic structures. Businesses are debating big data, the consequences of being big, and the possibilities that arise.

Data has inherent worth from a usage standpoint, but it is useless until that value is realized. Data has been used by most businesses to validate readily apparent information. However, it is becoming more and more clear that beyond that superficial data is a wealth of insightful knowledge that, if gleaned, has the power to completely transform the economic landscape. As stated in a research that was released, data analytics is the new business language if data is the currency of the industry. 

Since the widespread use of the Internet roughly 20 years ago, big data is seen to provide the greatest game-changing opportunity in the market today. Many executives have expressed strong support for this remark, but they have also asked how it could potentially be made possible.

Let's examine in more detail the five major players influencing India's data analytics market:


Kanerika Inc. is a multifaceted provider of AI, data science, analytics, and business intelligence solutions that are driven by data. In the field of business software development, Kanerika provides an extensive array of services spanning from concept to implementation. Manufacturing, Healthcare, Education, Pharma, and Logistics Spend Management are the industries it focuses on. The firm caters to clients located in the USA, Europe, Australia, Singapore, and India through its offices in Estonia, India, and the USA. With more than 100 specialists on staff and a combined experience of more than 150 years, Kanerika is a leading authority in data management and product development services.

Kanerika takes a calculated approach to accepting new customers and projects in order to guarantee that it offers each one exceptional, individualized service. This is demonstrated by the fact that repeat business accounts for 75% of our revenue. With over 12TB of data under management and unmatched proficiency in all areas of data services, including data integration, analytics, discovery, security, and governance, Kanerika guarantees that its clients get the most out of their data. 

Polestar Solutions 

Polestar Solutions provides consulting and implementation services for data, analytics, and cloud infrastructure to help businesses on their digital transformation path. The team, which consists of Big-4 experienced project managers, delivery heads, consultants, and BAs, assists you in organizing, implementing, and planning procedures to achieve the desired business results. The company has provided enterprise performance management services to more than 120 clients using a number of well-known and cutting-edge technologies. Several plug-and-play programs, toolkits, and plugins have been developed by its internal research lab to facilitate implementation and accelerate time-to-market. 

The company has completed projects for more than 120 clients in various regions and operates in both onsite and offshore modes. It has demonstrated success in providing BI solutions to more than 50 sizable businesses, including Fortune 500 firms, in sectors like manufacturing, consumer durables, e-commerce, retail, BFSI, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, hospitality, and senior housing. The firm garnered numerous awards owing to its expertise and profound passion for what it does.

Tudip Technologies

Top-tier software development firm Tudip Technologies has over ten years of IT industry experience. The company employs more than 350 experts that are experts about innovation and technology, and they provide businesses with creative solutions. Tudip is skilled in cloud infrastructure, DevOps, IoT, web and mobile app development, and translation services. Its excellent, reasonably priced, dependable, and expandable IT services have aided numerous companies, from expanding startups to large corporations, in creating a digital footprint. The company offers a wide range of software services and covers the whole product lifecycle using a tried-and-true Agile Development Methodology. 

The firm comprehends that every company is unique. As a result, it provides its clients with flexible, tailored, and personalized outsourcing solutions and guarantees the most stringent confidentiality of their critical business data in addition to on-time and cost-effective delivery.

SunArc Technologies

SunArc Technologies has been a trusted name for over 16 years, delivering a wide range of services to its valued clients across numerous sectors and disciplines. With the following philosophy: Working with AI consultancy and chatbot services in addition to digital technology is a key component of SunArc's flagship competence centers, which include customer service, escalation management and next-generation IT solutions. For its clients, the company has set up specialized engineering centers and COEs (E-Commerce, Digital Marketing & Transformation, and Product Engineering) to quicken their innovation cycles and minimize their R&D expenses.

A wide range of PDLC tasks, including Architecture & Design, Testing, Performance Engineering and Sustaining, Technical Support, DevOps, and Release Engineering, have benefited from the delivery teams' contributions. Digital technologies, mobile app development (Android & iOS), and specialized e-commerce development have all been pioneered by SunArc. 

In addition to providing a 360-degree business analysis, SunArc also develops specifications and a product proposal for the best technical solution. You guys handle exact web and app development as well as research and development. Its clients from France, the UK, Singapore, Africa, and the USA have had the best results. Beyond the lines, the company is well-known for providing outstanding services and solutions to its customers.

Focaloid Technologies

Focaloid is a provider of digital solutions that serves over one hundred businesses worldwide, covering various sectors and business verticals. It offers a variety of services, such as Fintech, Blockchain, IoT, Enterprise, Mobile, and Web solutions. With six years of industry experience under its belt, the firm has assisted clients in devising effective and efficient digital transformation strategies. 

Its extensive range of services and products offers comprehensive coverage of the technologies it employs to streamline digital solutions. Its ability to deliver reliable, creative, and affordable technological solutions is its defining characteristic. The company focuses on wearable technology, big data, IoT, blockchain, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. 

Focaloid is a top-rated Clutch and Good enterprise, and it has ISO 9001 certification. The firm has operations in Texas, Newark, Sydney, and Singapore, with its headquarters located at the Infopark in Kochi, India. The company's technological know-how and industry experience have allowed it to create turnkey solutions that are simple to integrate and use into ongoing business operations. Throughout the course of its existence, the company has helped clients upgrade their procedures and turn their digital transition into a very fulfilling experience. 

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