Best Items to Put a Sticker On

By Team Consultants Review Monday, 23 December 2019

Best Items To Put A Sticker OnPlacing the sticker on your items is a perfect method to identify your things. It is also an excellent outlet for self-expression that shares your interests without having to talk.

One of the most popular types of stickers aside from custom vinyl stickers are those with images of superheroes, iconic figures, and even statements. If you have a set of a label and you are looking to decorate your things with it, here are some of the best places to stick a sticker on.

Water Tumbler

For hygienic purposes, your water tumbler should have an identification that is yours. Stickers can avoid any confusing situation where you might end up drinking in a bottle that is not yours. Because water tumbler involves a direct mouth contact, it would be in your best interest to place a custom vinyl sticker on it.

For these reasons, it also follows that other products such as a lunchbox and a mug would also need a sticker as it involves a possible transfer of human elements.


While bag tags are one of the most popular choices in identifying your luggage, placing a sticker on it will make it easily recognizable from the swarm of bags that it might find itself in. Bag tags are easily removable, which is why it is not entirely the safest way to keep your bags secure.

High-quality stickers, on the other hand, are difficult to remove. More so, if it gets lost in a sea of luggage, you can easily detect it from afar without having to go nearer just to read the bag tag. Stickers are easily the easiest and safest way to keep your luggage secured.


Cars, or any other vehicle at that, are one of the most popular places to put a sticker on. Because of their large size, many owners enjoy the fun of selecting a label and finding the best part of the car to stick it with.

For family cars, you may have noticed that most of them have character stickers on the car’s rear window that reflects the number of persons who are in the family. Also, for those with babies, you may have seen the “Baby On Board” sticker once in a while.


As expensive as a laptop is, most people do not think twice about decorating it with a sticker. It adds a wow factor, and it certainly reflects the owner’s types and fields of interest. Most of the time, laptops are adorned with band stickers, TV show stickers, or a sticker from a conference that they have been in.

Musical Instruments

Whether it is the instrument itself or the case, placing a sticker on either part can help may it feel more personalized. Not many people get to have customized musical instruments, so if you are at a gig, you may end up seeing other people with the same tool as yours. That is why to avoid any mix-ups, make sure that you place an identifier, like custom vinyl stickers on your device.

Throughout the years, stickers have always been used as an outlet for self-expression. Children stick it on their bodies, teens have placed it in books and items from their hobbies, and adults have used it to personalize everyday items. It is always fun to have stickers on your things as you can quickly identify them.

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