Bengal Government Is Developing a New Data Center with an AI and ML Focus

By Consultants Review Team Saturday, 25 May 2024

According to a state government official on Friday, the government is building up a robust, high-capacity data center that would enable 2,300 users to operate machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) apps concurrently.

The official, who asked to remain anonymous while speaking on the sidelines of the Data Science 2024 conference, stated that this facility will enable the actual application of data science by providing infrastructure to support sophisticated data analysis.

"Our state is already equipped with advanced infrastructure, supporting over 5,000 users in real-time," said the official.

According to him, a second data center with an emphasis on AI and ML is being constructed, capable of supporting 2,300 users at once.

"We're building this new, larger data center to handle capacity and increasing demand. The data burden will be divided between the two centers once they are up and running," the source stated.

Although the government would be the main user of this new center, he added there are plans to provide access to the infrastructure for advanced data analytics to a few entrepreneurs.

Strong infrastructure, together with the required tools and procedures, are critical for the success of data science. According to representatives of West Bengal Electronics Industry Development Corporation Limited (Webel), this comprises high-performance computer services, safe data centers, and extensive data management systems.

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