Benefits of Matrix Organizational Structure

By Tanuja A Akkannavar Monday, 11 November 2019


Matrix Organizational Structure is an organizational structure where, the reporting relationships are in a framework or grid format, and not a traditional hierarchy. An employee has to report to two or more managers, for example, if you are a page designer or illustrator at a publication. You will have to report to the designing team head as well as the respective project heads. The authorities flow both the ways that are vertically and horizontally, this is the reason to name this structure as Matrix Organizational Structure.

The Matrix Organizational Structure helps a company to achieve its goals efficiently and quickly. Every project has its own leaders who lead the team towards the completion of the assigned work and the other team leader looks into the functions that are involved in the process of completing the projects. There are various kinds of structures available, following are the types of Matrix Organizational structure –

1. Strong Matrix Organizational Structure –

Strong Matrix Structure also is known as Project Matrix Organizational Structure, here the project manager will lead the team. He/she has most of the powers and authorities, all the other subordinates and the employees will follow the instructions given by project manager. Also, all the employees will be connected through a medium and this will keep the employees inter-connected.

2. Balanced Matrix Organizational Structure –

In Balanced Matrix Structure, there will be a balanced distribution of the authorities, vertically and horizontally. Though the project manager will be leading the team, the employees will be reporting to two or more team heads respectively.

3. Weak Matrix Organizational Structure –

In Weak Matrix Structure, the project manager will be holding the least authorities, no employee will report to him/her. The functional managers will be having most of the powers and they will be leading the team. The project manager will just act as a coordinator between the team and the higher authorities.

Matrix Structures improve the flexibility of the organizational functions, the process of accomplishing organizational objectives can be completed quickly. This will also increase the efficiency and the quality of the goods and services provided by the companies in their respective domains. Following are some of the advantages of implying Matrix Organizational Structures in the companies –

1. Breaks the Traditional Hierarchy –

The Matrix Organizational Structures help in breaking the traditional hierarchy of the organizations. The employees from every department or from the team in which they are experts can communicate with each other using a form of medium. When the employees from every team, work together the projects will be accomplished with great success.

2. Efficient and Effective Use of Resources –

The resources can be utilized in an efficient and effective way. The best utilization of manpower resources can be done in the best way using Matrix Organizational Structures. Every employ will be an expert with a minimum of one skill or in a particular field. For example, a good profit and revenue will be generated with high sales, hence an individual having a skill or expertise in marketing or sales can be suitable for this work.

3. The flow of Information –

The flow of information will be easy when the orders given by the higher authorities will be circulated in both the ways that are downwards and sideward. Every employ horizontally and vertically will be in a loop for every project and the employees will be well informed about the flow of actions that are implemented in the process of completing projects.

4. Less Time Consumed –

The time taken to complete the projects will be comparatively less than the normal structures. When there are many employees from different teams are working together the assigned work will be completed easily and will consume less time.

5. Widens Experience and Skills –

The Matrix Structures will help the employees to widen their knowledge, experience, and skills with the other teammates. It will make an employee good in multi-tasking, for example, a writer can learn editing or designing, which can help him during the case of emergency. Also, it will not hinder any on-going project and maintains the flow of work.

Using the Matrix Organizational Structure in project management is the best way of accomplishing the company objectives with high-quality work. Matrix Structure also helps in avoiding the confusion or mistakes that may arise in different stages of project completion. Also, the Matrix Organizational Structure minimizes the expenses of the company.

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