Automation, the New Success Mantra for Businesses Post Pandemic

By Aveek Pal Chaudhuri Thursday, 07 May 2020

Automation, the New Success Mantra for Businesses Post PandemicIncreasing productivity in sales by 14.5 percent, marketing automation has become a key sponsor of company revenue generation. According to a study by Nucleus Research, companies that deployed automation had enjoyed an average of 12.2 percent reduction in marketing overheads. Already, Automation has started ruling the customer experience platforms intelligently at the grass-root level.

During the COVID-19 pandemic days, some of the most everyday life influential commodities’ companies are working with Automation and hence have not witnessed falls in production or sale. These companies over the last few years have embraced technology and invested heavily in Automation which led them to successfully saving their business at present. Almost all the manufacturing companies felt the absence of their employees in the past weeks and are still doing so. Despite minimum labor support, manufacturing companies are able to supplement their productions with just inches gap between regular production rate and present production rate. The companies are thankful for Automation technology and intent to invest a surplus amount in the nearby days.

How Automation is Helping Businesses?

  • Without a doubt, companies believe that investment in Automation today will deliver an unthinkable prospering future. With the same thought, hospitals have implemented tremendously in automation technology during the days of Coronavirus spread. It has supported them in taking care of the patients by involving holistic healthcare facilities. Not a short-term measurement, but it is inevitable that Automation will be the future of healthcare for helping doctors, and other medical staff members. As the number of patients is increasing every day, the hours of duty are also going up for doctors and nurses. Therefore, by implementing Automation technology healthcare centers are making sure that administrative tasks do not involve human touch.
  • Even government offices have started taking help of Automation in tackling overloaded applications, assisting economies and communities, payments, and filling up forms. This has enabled a 24*7 work process in government establishments and has made communication possible for citizens. On-time support from the government is increasing the faith between them and the citizens in critical times. Automation is allowing the government to send regular updates through email or messages.
  • Automation in business is a strategic change adopted by businesses. It is not seen as an emergency solution, but as a major technology aid to business growth even after COVID-19 pandemic. Digital transformation is augmenting business performances. Automation has fitting tools that are enabling businesses to fight against COVID-19 pandemic and create new norms in the business world. Innovation at the fundamental levels is happening due to Automation and it is confident to post-pandemic days. Manual processes that were slow and lengthy have become fast due to Automation. Business leaders believe that Automation will only make human minds more creative, logical, and passionate to solve any challenge.

Automation technology is scalable and active for every scale of business. This technology has little needs of human involvement in work processes which makes it a more useable technology in these days. Helping mankind to stay engrossed with their daily life processes and in search of prosperity for the society, Automation will lead to better days post COVID-19 pandemic.

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