Apple Terminated over 600 Workers Following its Automobile and MicroLED Watch Closure

By Consultants Review Team Friday, 05 April 2024

It was announced in February of this year that Apple was discontinuing its automobile project, which it had been working on since 2014. Additionally, it was stated that the team's Apple employees were either laid off or moved to a different position. A few days later, Apple also abandoned the concept of an Apple Watch Ultra with a MicroLED display, which resulted in yet another round of job losses. But up until recently, the corporation has not made any formal confirmation of these layoffs. According to a report by Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, Apple has officially acknowledged that it terminated over 600 workers due to the closure of its MicroLED Apple Watch and automobile programs.

As part of major operational changes, Apple reportedly sent the pink slip to around 600 employees in California, according to Mark Gurman of Bloomberg. The tech giant with headquarters in Cupertino recently cut two large-scale initiatives that were centered on developing displays for cars and smartwatches. The impacted employees at different sites were included in many reports that the corporation submitted under the WARN program with the California Employment Development Department. A significant portion of the workforce was connected to a covert location devoted to developing next-generation screens, while other staff were involved in the vehicle project

There were reportedly 371 layoffs from Apple's main Santa Clara office relating to cars, according to the article, with "dozens of other employees at multiple satellite offices being impacted." Apple has not released any more information on the job layoffs in spite of these events.

It's crucial to remember that many of the engineers from these projects were located in multiple states, including Arizona, so the WARN warnings only give a partial picture of the overall employment losses.

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