Apple Sued For Allegedly Unjustly Limiting Competition: iCloud Storage

By Consultants Review Team Monday, 04 March 2024

For many customers, Apple's complimentary iCloud storage is insufficient. Some said in a complaint that Apple is unjustly giving its iCloud service preferential treatment when it comes to storing certain data from iPhones and iPads. Plaintiffs have said, according to a Bloomberg Law article, that only Apple's iCloud is capable of storing some crucial data, such as device settings and app information, which consumers may want when switching to a new device. This implies that rather than offering customers a choice of storage solutions, Apple is pressuring them to choose iCloud.

As per the lawsuit submitted to a Californian court, Apple's iCloud has gained significant traction, accounting for about 70% of the market. According to the complaint, Apple sets high pricing for iCloud and is able to maintain these costs since there isn't any true competition. As a result, Apple is said to gain a lot of money from this service. "While 5GB of free iCloud storage is provided to owners of Apple devices, the complaint contends that most customers find this insufficient for their storage needs and purchase an additional iCloud storage plan. This is attested to by Apple's iCloud revenues.

The lawsuit seeks to represent a sizable population, including individuals who purchased iCloud plans and believe their costs were excessive. Millions of individuals are rumored to be interested in joining the lawsuit.

People can save and retrieve their data remotely via cloud storage, which enables them to do so from any location with an internet connection. What hasn't changed, though, is that since iCloud's 2011 WWDC introduction, its 5GB free storage has stayed unaltered.

Although Google, Microsoft, and Dropbox are among Apple's competitors in the cloud storage space, the complaint contends that customers find it difficult to utilize numerous services. Particularly if some of their data can only be kept in iCloud, they prefer to have all of their data in one location.

Julianna Felix Gamboa, the primary plaintiff in the case, is being represented by the legal firm Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro LLP, along with any other plaintiffs. Apple has not yet addressed these claims.

Though it is limited to 5GB, iCloud provides free storage in India. You'll have to upgrade to iCloud+, which has premium tiers if you need more capacity. The three most popular options are the 200GB for Rs 219/month, the enormous 2TB for Rs 749/month, and the 50GB for Rs 75/month. These subscriptions include extra features like iCloud Private Relay for increased privacy, in addition to storage for files, images, and device backups. Families or people who need to store a lot of data can choose for the bigger plans, which go up to 12TB.

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