Apple May Employ Google, OpenAI For Generative AI Capabilities in iOS 18

By Consultants Review Team Monday, 25 March 2024

According to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, Apple is in discussions with possible AI partners such as Google, OpenAI, and Anthropic in order to incorporate generative AI into its future iOS 18. The main topic of discussion is how to host a chatbot inside the operating system utilizing the Gemini system, leaving background activities to be handled by Apple's AI engine.

According to the article, the details of these collaborations have not yet been decided upon, and it is not apparent if Apple will work with Google alone or with a number of partners.

Additionally, the business may permit developers to include generative AI systems within the iPhone. The potential for large financial gain from the operating system's premium status, the ability to quickly integrate AI, the ability to handle ethical and privacy concerns by outsourcing the technology, and the low cost of operating cloud-based generative AI are all plausible justifications for this external collaboration.

When iOS18 is revealed at WWDC 2024, the company's position on AI will be a key topic of discussion. Given the growing need for AI capabilities, it seems improbable that Apple will decide not to provide a chatbot at all. AI will be included in the next iOS version at a time when the US Justice Department is accusing Apple of engaging in a number of anti-competitive acts.

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