Anthropic, backed by Amazon, introduces Claude AI for iPhone to compete with ChatGPT

By Consultants Review Team Friday, 03 May 2024

The US-based AI firm Anthropic has announced that Claude AI, their generative chatbot, is now accessible on iPhones. Users may sync their chatbot interactions with the app. Additionally, users may shoot or upload photographs and utilize the program for image analysis. As a result, it functions similarly to ChatGPT, the well-known chatbot.

What the Anthropic Claude AI app offers

Additionally, Anthropic has stated that the Android version of Claude will be released shortly. Anthropic is supported by well-known digital companies including Google, Amazon, and Salesforce and was created by former OpenAI research executives. Amazon just disclosed that it had contributed $4 billion in total to Anthropic.

Given that both ChatGPT and Claude charge $20 per month for premium versions, their subscription costs are similar. Two of ChatGPT's main benefits are voice conversation and picture creation; Claude AI does not yet have these capabilities. Claude AI is exclusively accessible to US citizens at this time.

The Claude AI app for iPhone, on the other hand, has three main benefits that Anthropic has emphasized. These include the ability to sync with web conversations seamlessly, submit any kind of image for contextual or real-time interpretation, and download the software for free.

Claude AI was formerly limited to use with third-party model libraries such as Hugging Face, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Bedrock, as well as Anthropic's website. However, a larger audience may now access it thanks to its conversion to a mobile app.

This month, Anthropic also intends to launch a Team plan that costs $30 per seat per month and provides groups of at least five individuals access to Claude models. It will be fascinating to watch how it stacks up against ChatGPT, Google Gemini, or Microsoft's CoPilot, who have been using AI chatbots for years.

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