AI-Powered Features for Spotify: Customized, Curated Playlists

By Consultants Review Team Monday, 08 April 2024

A new AI tool for Spotify subscribers has recently been announced. Spotify is a well-known audio and music streaming company. Spotify has introduced new AI-powered features that offer highly personalized music experiences, elevating the experience of music streaming to a new level. The goal of Spotify's ongoing inventive usage of cutting-edge AI technology is to better understand its listeners and maintain their engagement with the site. That means there are many customized audio experiences for music enthusiasts to discover and savor.

Spotify's On-Demand AI-Generated Playlists

Additionally, Spotify is introducing a new function that lets users create custom playlists with AI. Simply put in a question describing the sort of playlist you want—for example, "songs to scream in the car" or "beats to battle a zombie apocalypse"—and Spotify will construct a personalized playlist for you when you choose the "AI Playlist" option.

Large language models are used by the feature to interpret the meaning of your prompt. It then uses its personalization algorithms to search Spotify's enormous music library and create a playlist based on your preferences and the prompt. To further curate the playlist, swipe to eliminate songs or add new requests, such as "more pop" or "less upbeat."

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