Adobe Unveils Express App: Firefly Generative AI Features For Mobile Users

By Consultants Review Team Friday, 08 March 2024

With the release of Adobe Express, the company's cloud-based mobile design platform is now available for iOS and Android smartphones. The same generative AI, creative, editing, and desktop-only functions that were formerly offered by Adobe Firefly are now included in this program. Adobe claims that customers may download and test out the app for free while it's in beta.

The program allows users to design artistic components like banner ads for websites, posters, and social media postings. Additionally, users of Creative Cloud may easily view and edit Photoshop and Illustrator files right from the mobile app.

The beta version of the Adobe Express mobile app is presently accessible for iOS and Android smartphones. Users have free access to premium services during the beta phase. Users of Android devices may easily get the beta version from the Google Play Store. Nevertheless, iOS users need to register through a particular URL due to Apple's limitations on the number of beta testers.

Adobe promises to provide consumers with safe AI usage in the app; Firefly generative AI is intended for secure business applications. For the materials it creates, Firefly also provides Content Credentials, which serve as digital "nutrition labels" containing the creator's information and modification history. The open-source technology behind C2PA powers these credentials, guaranteeing correct credit and enabling users to choose digital material wisely.

Having a conversation about the new app Millions of customers worldwide are using Adobe Express to generate more content than ever before—more than tripling the amount of work made in just the previous year—according to Govind Balakrishnan, Senior Vice President, Adobe Express and Digital Media Services at Adobe. With Firefly, our generative AI models, front and center, the new Adobe Express mobile app offers users never-before-seen possibilities to produce visually striking designs, pictures, videos, and graphics.

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