Adani Green Energy Puts An Additional 448.95 MW Of Solar Power Facilities In Gujarat

By Consultants Review Team Tuesday, 05 March 2024

Wholly-owned subsidiaries of Adani Green Energy Limited, Adani Green Energy Twenty Four A Limited and Adani Green Energy Twenty Four B Limited, declared on Tuesday that they have operationalized an additional 448.95 MW of solar power projects in Khavda, Gujarat. It said in a regulatory filing that a total of 1,000 MW of solar power projects are operationalized in Khavda, Gujarat, along with an earlier notification dated February 14, 2024.

AGEL's drive towards 45 GW capacity by 2030 has seen a rise in its overall operational renewable generating capacity to 9,478 MW with the operationalization of these units. It is determined that the facilities would operationalize and start selling the power they generate on March 5, 2024, based on the necessary permissions.

Adani Green Energy received permission from shareholders earlier in January to finance Rs 9,350 crore by issuing preferred warrants to promoters, with a massive 99.9% majority of votes. The corporation had stated that it will utilize the money for additional capital projects as well as to reach its goal of 45 gigawatts of renewable energy capacity by 2030. Adani Green Energy had said that it had raised Rs 2,337.51 crore in a private placement by issuing warrants to Ardour Investment Holding in the same month.

Adani Green Energy reported a profit of Rs 256 crore for the third quarter that ended in December 2023, increasing 148.5 percent from Rs 103 crore in the same period in FY23. It reported operating revenue of Rs 2311 crore for the quarter that ended on December 31, 2022, an increase of 17.3% above Rs 1971 crore. Amit Singh, the CEO of Adani Green Energy Ltd., stated in the regulatory filing: "We have put in place the capital management framework for a well-secured growth path to the targeted 45 GW capacity by 2030 with the recently announced equity and debt capital raise. By concentrating on a robust supply chain with a focus on localization, large-scale digitization, workforce development, and competency creation, we continue to increase our execution capabilities. As the world embraces the ambition of doubling renewable power capacity by 2030, we are working on the largest renewable power plant in the world, located in Khavda, Gujarat, and we want to set new norms for mega-scale development of renewable energy projects.

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