Accenture Opens a GenAI studio in Bengaluru

By Consultants Review Team Monday, 18 December 2023

Accenture, a global IT consulting firm, has opened a generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) studio in Bengaluru to accelerate the adoption of data and AI. Accenture's Innovation Hub will house the studio, which is part of the company's $3 billion investment in data and AI announced in June. Accenture has stated that it plans to more than quadruple its AI talent to 80,000 workers over the next three years through hiring, acquisitions, and training.

The studio will provide newly introduced services such as the patented GenAI model "switchboard," customizing approaches, model management services, and specific training courses. It will combine the company's extensive skill and technology investments to provide a full stack of GenAI capabilities for optimizing business processes. Accenture's data and AI team, in collaboration with customers, will develop solutions based on a modern data and AI foundation, LLM (long language model) architecture, ecosystem alliances, talent, and responsible AI frameworks.

"Today's clients recognize the enormous opportunity that GenAI can bring to optimize and reinvent their businesses, opening up new avenues for growth." To realize the full benefit of their AI investments, companies must be value-driven in every business capacity they choose to redesign with generative AI. "Our Bengaluru studio will help our clients around the world prioritize capabilities across the entire value chain and make the shift to rapidly and responsibly scale their AI investments," said Senthil Ramani, Accenture's global lead of data and AI.

According to a recent Accenture survey, 74% of C-suite executives expect to raise their AI-related investment in 2024, up from 50% the previous year, as organizations transition from proof of concept to customizing foundation models with proprietary data.

"The Bengaluru studio offers robust GenAI capabilities combined with a wide range of world-class technology services and in-depth industry knowledge that Accenture's Advanced Technology Centres in India are known for." "Our clients in 19 industries now have the opportunity to understand, experiment with, adopt, and scale GenAI solutions to reinvent functions and business models to achieve new levels of performance," said Mahesh Zurale, global head of Accenture Advanced Technology Centres Global Network.


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