7 Conference Giveaway Tips To Make Everyone Feel Appreciated

By Peter Paul, Content Writer Thursday, 08 September 2022

7 Conference Giveaway Tips To Make Everyone Feel Appreciated

Are you planning to attend a conference to promote your brand to potential investors? If yes, then this article is a must-read.

Conferences are critical in raising potential stakeholders’ awareness of your brand. For instance, people in the same company or industry come together to tackle new business opportunities and trends at a business conference. On the other hand, a trade conference or trade fair consists of several companies from a specific market sector or industry promoting their products and services. 

Companies can take events and conference opportunities to stand out from their competitors. However, many choose cheap, generic branded merchandise items instead of providing unique and functional giveaways. As a result, these companies fail to create an excellent first impression on conference attendees.

Boost your company image and catch the attention of everyone at a business or trade conference. Learn the best conference giveaway ideas to make everyone feel appreciated below.

1. Printed Backpacks

If you're looking to promote your company at a conference in a more unique way, then consider using printed backpacks. As backpacks are worn on the back, your logo will be eye level while people are walking around the conference, which means more people will see them when compared with a smaller cotton bag held by the side.

Printed backpacks have a variety of colours, sizes, and material options available. You can choose one that can best promote your company. For instance, if your business sells health and wellness products, you can consider a printed backpack made of recycled cotton. This giveaway can help position your brand as health-focused and eco-friendly. Additionally, giving something functional can make conference attendees feel more appreciated.

2.Solar-Powered Speakers 

Solar-Powered Speakers

More people are becoming environmentally conscious in the modern digital era. Business owners and marketing managers can take advantage of this trend by giving away solar-powered speakers.

Solar-powered speaker giveaways can perfectly represent your brand, embracing digital innovation and ‘green’ or eco-friendly business. If your business offers tech solutions, this conference giveaway idea is one of the best. Don’t forget to print your brand logo or name on the speaker surface to promote your brand.

Choose a solar-powered speaker with dual power functionality. Find one that can use both solar and traditional electrical outlet charging. In the daylight, the speaker can charge and play music or podcasts without problems, and users can plug it into an electrical outlet at night or during winter when the sunlight levels are low.

3. Multifunctional Leather Compendiums

Multifunctional Leather Compendiums

One way to make conference attendees feel appreciated is to provide something special, high-end, and practical. If your company deals with business-to-business (B2B) clients, you might want to consider multifunctional leather compendiums as conference giveaways. For instance, an Italian leather A4 compendium is an elegant and professional organizer for a notebook, tablet, pen, and other office essentials. 

Leather compendiums make a perfect giveaway for managers and c-suite positions, raising their brand awareness and your business reputation. Your company logo or brand name can be beautifully imprinted or engraved on a thin metal plate attached to the front of the luxury leather compendium.

If you don’t like the idea of real leather, many suppliers also offer faux leather compendiums. A faux leather compendium is lower in price but can achieve the same elegant look as its genuine leather counterpart.

4. Bluetooth Wireless Headsets

Bluetooth Wireless Headsets

With the rapid digitalization of business transactions nowadays, most people have become tech-savvy.  Many business people communicate, collaborate, and attend events virtually. The same is true with general consumers. Therefore, giving away Bluetooth wireless headsets is a great way to catch everyone’s attention during a trade or business conference. 

Choose high-quality Bluetooth wireless headsets so users can use them for many years. This giveaway can make everyone feel appreciated because this tool can help people communicate with others online clearly.

The most common problems in virtual meetings or online interactions include hardware issues, particularly poor-performing headsets. Therefore, excellent quality Bluetooth wireless headset giveaways can resolve this problem, giving users a sigh of relief.

5. Health And Wellness Item Giveaways

Because of digital technology, many people spend long hours sitting and navigating connected devices. One important aspect that gets compromised in this scenario is health.

Make everyone feel appreciated at a business or trade conference by offering health and wellness item giveaways. These giveaways are perfect if your business involves spa services, beauty products, sports, or healthcare.

A good example is a handcrafted potpourri with a mix of fragrant dry petals (like jasmine, lavender, and eucalyptus) packaged in beautiful bags, pouches, or jars. Conference attendees can bring them home to spread fragrant scent in their living room or bedroom, giving a sense of calmness and relaxation.

6. Notebook Organizers

Nothing can beat the legacy of staple conference giveaways. Notebooks have been a traditional conference giveaway. But you can make this giveaway more special by choosing a multifunctional notebook organizer with a calculator and ballpoint pen. Furthermore, notebook organizers make a practical conference giveaway if your business has something to do with education and corporate. 

Notebook organizers with creative hardcovers or leather cases can make conference attendees feel valued. They can use them to write important things during the conference, especially those who leave their notebooks at home.

Even though many people can use their smartphone note apps to write down notes, some people still prefer writing on an actual paper. It gives them a big pause from using digital devices, in which prolonged screen time can cause computer eye strain and headaches.

7. Your Company Products

Your products are perfect giveaways that can help promote your brand directly. If you sell packaged food products, such as peanuts, sunflower seeds, or sweets, you can give them free to conference attendees. You can make them more special by putting them in creative, custom bags or boxes with your brand logo printed on the packaging.


Make everyone feel valued and appreciated by considering the giveaway ideas above. Provide high-quality giveaways to represent your brand to conference attendees best. If you’re looking for conference giveaways, only deal with trusted suppliers to ensure excellent quality and craftsmanship to boost your business image and win more clients and investors.

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