5 Tips for Balancing Work and Motherhood

By consultantsreview Team Monday, 12 October 2020

5 Tips For Balancing Work And Motherhood

Being the perfect mother and performing excellently at work can be a tough balance to manage. You need a lot of planning and discipline to ensure the happiness of both your boss and your children. Many mothers often pay too much attention to one responsibility and end up neglecting the other. So, is it possible to be productive both at home and at work?

The answer to this is a resounding “Yes!” You can be a good mother and a good employee, businesswoman, or manager at the same time. Here’s how to get there:

1.Invest in reliable childcare

Nothing can keep a mother distracted at work like the constant worries of their child being unsafe, uncomfortable, or under an irresponsible person’s care. Ward off these worries by procuring trusted childcare services. Make background checking part of your recruitment procedure. If possible, organize a play date to see how your candidates interact with your children before committing to hiring them.

2.Consider your child’s special condition

If your kid has a physical or mental disability such as cerebral palsy, get a caregiver who is qualified and experienced. Such caregivers can be expensive, but there are ways to cut back on the costs. For instance, if the child developed the condition as a result of a medical error during birth, a malpractice claim can help to cover the costs of special care. A medical malpractice lawyer such as the ones as Tinker law firm can help you file a malpractice claim.

3.Teach your kids responsibility

Sharing responsibility with your children and your spouse is one of the best ways to take some of the work off your shoulders. You can assign the youngest kids the role of setting the table during dinner and the older ones serving the meals and clearing up the table. They should also know simple tasks such as making their beds, bathing, and making breakfast cereal. Kids above the age of 10 can learn to do light chores such as folding clothes and taking out the trash. Just make sure you don’t overwork them or eat into too much into their playtime.

4.Set up a timetable

Creating a timetable both for you and your kids can help you come back home braced for your chores and knowing exactly when you are going to be free. It helps eliminate forgetfulness and allows you to arrange chores in order of importance.

5.Shun distractions

Social media, group chats, long phone calls, Netflix, and impromptu outings are all distractions that can add up to mess up your schedule and put you under more pressure. Consider doing these things when you are done with your responsibilities. If you have to, create room for them in your timetable.


If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your work and motherly responsibilities, don’t worry, you’re in good company. Mothers everywhere face your struggles, and it’s only the most organized ones that have found a perfect balance or work and motherhood. Use the above tips to reduce the burden and be equally available to your kids and your job.

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