5 Steps To Filing A Car Accident Insurance Claim

By Tonny, Content writer


Tonny, Content writer

Car accidents can happen anytime and anywhere. And depending on the extent of the incident, it can result in injuries among victims or motorists involved, or in some cases, even death. Aside from the physical damage it creates, there’s also emotional trauma and costly medical bills. That said, knowing what to do in case you’re involved in a car accident can be helpful.

To start, you may seek compensation from an insurance company if you sustain injuries or your car gets damaged in the crash. In this case, the insurance company concerned will be responsible for shouldering the expenses associated with the accident.

But before making your claim, you may first want to answer the following question: how does personal injury protection work in Florida? Essentially, this coverage can assist in paying hospital bills for anyone injured in a car accident. It also ensures victims get compensated for any lost wages or earnings and provides financial assistance to cover funeral expenses due to the accident.

With that in mind, here are the essential steps to follow when filing a car accident insurance claim:

1. Seek Medication

Before anything else, note that your health should be the top priority if you get involved in a car accident. Even if you don't feel or develop any pain or physical symptoms after the accident, it's still critical to seek medical attention and assistance. This way, medical professionals can examine your body to determine whether you sustained any internal or external injuries. From there, they can provide appropriate medical care for your recovery.

In addition to ensuring your health and well-being after the accident, visiting the hospital can also help streamline the process of filing a claim from your insurance company. This is especially since insurance companies will require documentation from the hospital and your medical records before processing and approving your claim.

2. Hire An Attorney

Filing a car accident insurance claim and navigating the technicalities involved in the process can be overwhelming, especially if this is your first time pursuing a claim or you’re unsure how or where to start. The situation could even become trickier if you’ve sustained severe injuries that may require you to spend more time in the hospital; this is where hiring a legal professional comes in.

Generally, your attorney will take full responsibility for filing the insurance claim on your behalf. The less responsibility on your plate can mean you can focus on your health and recovery. Moreover, they can help interpret come complex laws surrounding your claim. And because they're skilled in negotiating, working with one can increase your chances of getting adequate compensation. However, you must partner with the right legal service provider for more favorable results.

3. Take Photos Of The Accident

The amount of compensation you'll get from the insurance company generally relies on the evidence you present. Simply put, your claim is likely to be denied if you’re unable to provide sufficient evidence to support your case. That said, aside from your medical records, it’s also advisable to take pictures of the accident.

Documenting the accident through photos can help establish the timeline and what happened during the incident. This can help insurance companies understand the exact situation of the accident and what may have caused it.

Aside from the accident site, ensure you also take pictures of the injured parts of your body. This is essential since, over time, your bruises and cuts will likely heal. Therefore, it might be difficult to convince the insurance company that you suffered injuries in a car accident some time back.

All these things can help boost your case’s success to ensure you get the justice and compensation you deserve.

4. Call The Police

After the car accident has happened, police officers will likely come to the scene. However, if they don't appear, make an effort to call them to come and help determine the at-fault party to the accident.

Additionally, police officers will help write a statement and an abstract you may present to your insurance company to increase your chances of winning. This can simplify the process of making your claim.

5. Talk To Your Insurance Company

Once you’re done seeking medication and talking to your attorney, it's time to contact your insurance company. The insurance company will likely send you some documents or forms to fill in information about the accident. With that, ensure you're honest when giving out your details. In other words, present all the facts to your insurance company to establish and strengthen your case and get your compensation.


Filing a car accident insurance claim isn't always a walk in the park. Fortunately, there are things you can do to streamline the process and boost your chances of succeeding in claiming your compensation. The steps outlined above can be a good start as you pursue your insurance claim and seek the justice you deserve.

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