5 Attractive Consulting Field to Enter Now!

Consultants are a group of experts in an organized firm who provide expert level advice to companies and private clients on how to run their business in the most effective way. Their duties are great but can also vary according to their specialty, the size of the firm they’re working for or the type of consulting needed by that firm. Individuals interested in consulting careers should know the top consulting niches and know about which jobs are in demand and which ones are regularly showing a positive outlook. It's a tough job market out there for sure but with some skills, educated employees can now get a solid footing in their field, by simply looking into consulting. Here's the list of the top consulting jobs.

1. Information Technology

The IT industry is expecting a whooping growth of 32 percent by 2018, much of which is likely to be in consulting. IT consultants earned an average annual salary of $96,400 in 2012. The numbers speak in volumes for it and according to CNN Money; the IT consulting niche is expected to see employment increase by 22 percent as well. IT is definitely one hot field to be in right now. The specific duties of an IT consultant depends on his specialty and experienced people should look at specializing in areas like cyber security, networking, troubleshooting, banking and finance, software development, computer hardware engineering, database administration and information security etc. For example, software developers should create new software’s to help the company work more efficiently , while information security analysts can devote their time to protect the organization’s computer systems from cyber attacks. All these specialties exist within the information technology field to make it more booming. Information technology consultants spend time looking at a company’s technology system to come up with ways to make it cheaper, faster and more reliable and in many ways they have succeeded quietly brilliantly. With the technology growing everyday and upgrading to better versions in no time, IT is definitely a place for all those looking to make a career in it.

 2. Human Resources

Human resources is the place to be for consultants, the overall job growth in this industry is expected to increase 22 percent by 2018, according to the BLS. Flexibility and variety of work assignments are among the benefits of becoming a human resources consultant. Look for consulting positions within a corporate structure, advising on ways to improve the hiring policies. But the downside to entering the HR consulting field is carving a niche and growing your business if you're an entrepreneur or else, your challenges will be finding the right management consulting firm that provides the type of HR management consulting that aligns with your professional experience. With a more fluid job market, you'll also find good HR consulting opportunities in recruitment services. An undergraduate degree is expected to be successful in HR consulting. An uphill climb is inevitable if professional background doesn't include any HR expertise or work history but having some knowledge of HR strategy, implementation and functional activities may help in climbing the hill. There are opportunities for both generalists and specialists in the HR field. HR generalists will comfortably handle a variety of issues with discipline whereas Specialists will only focus on one or two areas of HR, such as employee and labor. So, analyze on whether to specialize or provide generalist consulting advice because this HR field offers terrific resources to leaders.

3. Management

Corporations are never an easy thing to run and that is why we have management. The jobs in management will see a growth of about 24 percent by 2018. Management consultants are currently the largest part of the consulting industry in general. Anyone can apply to be a management consultant but will they be successful? No says the MBA graduate degree. To be successful as a management consultant, a graduate degree like an MBA and a good sense of sales and marketing are key factors. For a job that even elite business school graduates can have difficulty explaining, top-tier management consultants can make ridiculously high salaries. Management is something that every business needs, no matter how large or small, it helps can help a business with its financial needs.

4. Environment and Conservation
The growth in the conservation of the environment sector is expected at 28 percent by 2018. Energy is a hot commodity in almost every market and so are the jobs related with conserving it for the environment. The government sector has more opportunities when it comes to energy saving but increase in the private sector has also been immense lately because regulations and cost savings have forced corporations to improve waste management and other practices that have an environmental impact.

5. Accounting
For people with a brilliant way around financial system, consulting in accounts is a great career move. Now with the increased regulation, accountants and auditors will be in high demand. This accounts industry as a whole is projected to grow 22 percent by 2018. To be a successful accounts consultant, specializing in forensic accounting, international finance etc can be really beneficial. A CPA licensing along with a masters degree is always a plus point to make it big in this industry.


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