3 Ways SEO Can Transform Your Business

By Consultantsreview Team Friday, 18 June 2021

3 Ways SEO Can Transform Your BusinessSEO (or Search Engine Optimisation) is one of the most efficient digital marketing strategies available for all businesses online. Businesses who are new to online marketing or those who aren’t as technical often wonder what SEO is. They want to know why it’s important and how it helps them enhance their business with potential leads.

That’s exactly why we’ve created this article. There are many reasons why SEO can transform your business, and we’ll go into our top 3 reasons below.

What Is SEO?

But firstly, let’s start by talking about what SEO is. Put simply, SEO is a process of enhancing your online presence and business website. It consists of off-page SEO (activities that are done outside of your website), and on-page SEO (activities that are done on your website). A combination of both helps to increase its ranking in search engines such as Google and Bing.

SEO is a tool that you may not think about until you see how your websites rank on search engine results. Ideally, you want to be ranking on page 1 for at least some keywords relevant to your business.

According to reports, there are over two billion websites today. That means you have a tonne of competition, irrespective of your industry. Without SEO, being visible in search engines is going to be difficult, if not impossible. SEO is what makes it happen.

Now, let’s take a look at how SEO can transform your business.

Every second, thousand of individuals search on Google:

This is the number one reason why SEO can transform your business. The power of search. Especially Google search. Most people prefer to find products and services online, and according to an insight report, 98% of people search for consumer products on the internet. Yes, 98%!

The figure is truly amazing. It shouldn’t be ignored. It shows how crucial your presence is on the internet to generate business leads.

If your website is not ranking on page one for keywords related to your products and services, you may not be getting the exposure you want.  SEO, when done correctly, will drive traffic, leads and sales to your business. End of.

Many People Ignore Paid Ads:

Even though pay-per-click can be a very helpful tool and can help you to obtain potential leads, it should be used correctly. You shouldn’t focus only on the pay-per-click options for website traffic. Though it steers traffic swiftly it may not be a reliable solution, especially in the long-term. This is because the cost of paid advertising is rising.

What’s more is that around 80% of users do not pay attention to paid ads that show up in search results. Ranking organically (through SEO) means that your website appears below the paid ads. Even so, many people are more likely to click on your website rather than the options that are there from pay-per-click. This is due to trust factors.

 Companies Are Using SEO More Than Ever:

If you want to be more successful than your competitors, implementing an efficient SEO campaign is a must and also crucial. In recent times, even the most conventional industries are trying to clasp digital marketing strategies. And yes, SEO is at the forefront of this. Your competition is likely to be using it.


Search Engine Optimisation is generally professed as something that only professionals can do, which may be true to some extent. However, there are some practical sides to SEO that include setting up your website correctly primarily and making sure it is optimised for SEO. If you do some research, you can learn this. However, to step up your SEO, speak to marketing experts.

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