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3 Reasons to Use Any Smaller Cloud Hosting Provider Not the Major Ones

By consultantsreview Team

3 Reasons to Use Any Smaller Cloud Hosting Provider Not the Major OnesCloud computing industry is flourishing and those who make the most of it are the major corporate clouds like AWS and Azure. However, it is the middle-sized cloud providers who offer Cloud infrastructure with advanced, Cloud-native services and flexible terms at reasonable prices. There are 3 reasons to move your websites, apps and services to any smaller or middle-sized cloud hosting provider, instead of going with the major ones.


1. No Hidden Charges. No Financial Abuse

Unlike AWS and Azure, any smaller Cloud Server Provider will not charge for “Data Transfer Out”. You get a certain amount of data transfer as a part of your cloud service plan, for example 2 TB data transfer per month. You don’t pay additional fees for those terabytes of data transfer, they are free and included with most cloud hosting companies. At the same time 2 TB data transfer cost around $108/month on AWS (a1.medium plan) and around $107/month on Azure (on A1 v2 plan).

When you use any smaller cloud provider there are usually no unpleasant surprises in the monthly service bill. You pay what you purchase! On AWS or Azure clients usually pay 3 to 4 times more on average, compared to the smaller clouds and this is only the beginning of their financial struggles. The so-called “major clouds” also charge for IOPS, so their customers never know how much money they will be forced to pay them at the end of the billing cycle. What they know for sure is that they will probably have to pay more than they did previous month.

2. Storage with Data Protection

Most smaller and middle-sized Cloud providers state very clearly what kind of storage service they provide. On the contrary the major clouds do not provide a simple and clear technical explanation of the storage infrastructure and services they offer to their customers. The major clouds have huge enterprise-grade Storage Area Networks, which are reliable enough, but the customers do not get any advanced data protection unless they pay premium for this. On the contrary, the smaller clouds usually describe the type storage they offer on their service plans web pages.

3. No Cost on Technical Support

Customers of the smaller and middle-sized Clouds usually do not pay for infrastructure technical IT support. On AWS and Azure they are required to pay $100 or more per month if they need to use technical support. When you have any technical problem on AWS or Azure you are sent to educate yourself on their “resource center” and “online self-help’.

There are many other things to be said, which go in favor of the smaller and medium cloud service providers. Many of them assign personal account managers to their customers or would provide them with any enterprise grade servers like High Availability or Failover at low cost. Most cloud hosting providers also have Managed service plans which cost less per month than what business owners need to pay to the major clouds, just to have access to technical support and to be able to speak to someone at the provider’s end.

So, if you need to move any on-premise server infrastructure to a Private Cloud or simply need a Public Cloud (which actually means Cloud Hosting), just go and send a service request to some smaller or medium cloud service providers. All of them will do much better than the major clouds.

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