200 Million People are Impacted by the Online 9.4GB X Data Breach

By Consultants Review Team Tuesday, 09 July 2024

The last few years have seen a considerable increase in the number of data breaches, and one such leak from the well-known social media platform X (previously known as Twitter) has been found. Researchers at Cyber Press have discovered this finding and claim that a total of 9.4GB of data are included in the compromised database.

Email addresses, names, and other account information of users on X are among the data that was hacked, making over 200 million people susceptible to malware or phishing scams. As at the time of writing, there hasn't been an official press release or any information from an official source.

The database leak was initially discovered on a popular hacker forum for data breaches and leaks. On July 7, a person going by the handle "michupa" registered for a new account and uploaded 9.7 GB of hacked data, which was split up into 10 files, each of which included about 1 GB of data. Additionally, the general public may still download it.

The codename "Twitter_Full_b1nd" is shared by all the files in the compromised data, which contain the whole identities of X users as well as account information, including user names and other specifics. Additionally, the veracity of some of the mentioned X profiles' email addresses has been confirmed by the Cyber Press Team.

Because of the recent spate of ongoing data breaches, this event emphasizes the crucial significance of effective cybersecurity measures that most large firms must adhere to.

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