13 bad qualities that are guaranteed to make you pissed off at university

By Consultantsreview Team Monday, 30 November 2020

13 bad qualities that are guaranteed to make you pissed off at universityStudying is a process. In my eight years as a student advisor, I have not yet met a student who has done everything right from the first semester. Including me. I often used to take special tuitions from a reputed GCSE chemistry tutor(studymind.co.uk/subject/gcse-chemistry-tutors). Most freshmen begin their academic education without a real plan. They know that they want to study - and that was it. So they carefully feel their way from lecture to lecture, muddle through the first exam phase and try to do everything better from the next semester. You learn how studying works the hard way.

But at least they develop.

But there are some students who don't. You trip yourself over and over again with brutal reliability. They stumble upon their own habits and ultimately fall on the face of their studies. They fail on their own. To prevent this from happening to you, I have put together a checklist of 13 bad qualities that you should urgently look at.


These bad qualities make you fail in your studies

These bad qualities make you fail in your studies

The following list will help you to reflect on your actions and to recognize negative behavior patterns. These bad qualities harm you and make you (not only) fail in your studies:

1. Reckless

Skip a lecture, start learning too late or postpone the exam registration: Many students do not take their duties seriously and see their studies as a kind of leisure activity. Small reminder: that's not it. Your studies are a job - and a demanding one at that. If you take studying lightly, sooner or later it will take you hops. Sooner.

2. Non-reflected

As soon as difficulties arise in your studies, you have exactly two options: Either you blame others and complain or you analyze the situation honestly and work on yourself. Self-criticism is the magic word. But for some young academics that sounds like black magic. Better put aside your lack of reflection, otherwise it will haunt you like an evil curse.

3. Arrogant

Do you know her too? Fellow students who are the brightest, hardest-working, and very best? I've met hundreds of such students. Mostly in the early semesters - because they often don't get any further. They are so arrogant that they stop developing. Usually only bad grades and failed exams help to bring these high-flyers back down to earth. On the other hand, honest friends are a good insurance against arrogance. Find some and keep them forever.

4. Lazy

Basically, I have nothing against lazy people – on the contrary: I admire them. Why? I have described that in this article. But you shouldn't confuse laziness with ineffectiveness. Lazy people often learn and work very efficiently. They have to, because their high need for leisure time means they suffer from chronic time constraints. You have to decide for yourself whether this is worth emulating. A little tip: no.

5. Perfectionist

Perfectionism can lead to you becoming the best of your year and completing your doctorate with summa cum laude; but it can also ensure that you quit your studies with a full blown depression and never become happy again. A quality whose consequences could not be more contradicting. I therefore recommend selective perfectionism. Here you can read my thoughts on it.

6. Impatient

I keep writing it: studying is not a sprint - studying is a marathon. And to be able to successfully master a marathon, you need one thing above all: patience. You have to expend a lot of energy in studying without seeing any results worth mentioning. You will sit at your desk for hours and work towards your big goal: graduation. If you are impatient with it, the process becomes even more agonizing than it already is.

7. Late

Do you know the Bible saying “the last will be the first”? It does not apply to studies. Here the last are really the last. And I recommend you not to be in this group. If you miss important deadlines while studying, your university has little charity: Forgot your exam registration? Never mind, then you'll just take notes next year. Arrived too late for the exam? No problem, here is your 5.0. What do we learn from it? Be on time or you will shovel your own back.

8. Disoriented

If you cut off the head of a chicken, it will sometimes walk several meters through the area. Admittedly uncoordinated, but it works. I often think of this image when I see how the free spirits among the students approach their studies. Instead of at least taking a peek at the examination regulations, they study without a sense of direction. You just do it. And in doing so, they do a lot of things wrong. What I want to say: don't be a headless chicken and get an overview of your studies.

9. Distracted

Many students find it difficult to study at home in particular. They lack the discipline to concentrate on what they are learning. Instead of reading, they watch YouTube videos; instead of index cards, they hold their smartphone in their hand. However, if you keep getting distracted while studying, you can forget about lasting success. Remind yourself why you are going through all the hardships. Don't fall for short term rewards, fight your way to the long term. It is worth it.

10. Out of focus

Repeat the lecture slides, work on the exercise, finish the chapter of the study paper and and and. Your to-do list is full, I know. But if you try to do everything at once, you won't end up completing a good quality task. Instead, focus on: first task A, then task B, and so on. Do like these highly productive students.

11. Selfish

Like almost all challenges in life, studying works better when you approach it in a team with your fellow students. Together you can achieve more than each of you alone. Of course you have to pass the exams individually - but the way to get there, the learning, you can do together. On the other hand, if you are selfish and only think about yourself while studying, your fellow students will avoid you. Yes, you can do it as a lone fighter too. But first, it's harder and second, it's less fun.

12. Envious

“No one is to be envied for envy.” Willi Busch already knew that . Because envy is not only a negative quality, but also a stupid one. On the one hand it makes the envious person unhappy (because he wants something that others have), on the other hand the envied person does not notice anything. Envy only harms one person: yourself. So don't be jealous of fellow students, tutors or other people. Don't compare yourself to them. Briefly notice your feelings of envy, analyze them and realize how superfluous they are. The thoughts on the next point will help you with this.

13. Ungrateful

"Gratitude" has now become a buzzword. I like it anyway and I'll tell you why: because gratitude relaxes me. It stops that sickly I-am-not-good-enough feeling. And even tiny things are enough: It doesn't matter whether you are grateful for your home, your family or your pen. As soon as you practice conscious gratitude, your brain rejoices and there are mood-enhancing hormones as rewards. It has been scientifically proven. Ingratitude causes the opposite. Therefore, regularly remind yourself of little things that you can be thankful for.


Don't panic: we all have negative traits and are occasionally determined by unfavorable behavioral patterns. That is quite normal and not too bad. The only important thing is that these destructive habits do not gain the upper hand in your life.

For this reason, you should regularly check whether you are sabotaging yourself with certain traits. This requires a healthy dose of self-criticism. This is the only way you can recognize and overcome your negative traits.

I emphasize: a healthy portion. Feel free to doubt yourself a little - but do not despair. Be critical, but not overly critical. Be fair and optimistic. You can change any negative trait. Today is the best day to start.

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