100 Indian start-ups are to be brought up by Hay Group


Elected 100 entrepreneurs are given an opportunity to reconstruct their start-ups into highly established firms for the years to come by the Global management consultancy Hay Group.Taking insights, advices, directions and valuable information, founders and leaders of start-ups, under the Hay Group's NextBig100 programme can move from being a being a start-up to a full grown organisation.Competition Buzz, Zooter, Beatroot, Krave On, The Online Yogi, ShutterSteam, YouthConnect, PickMe, Floh and Travel Triangle are all the come under the group of start-ups chosen. In order to support, advice and guide the NextBig100 participants them on all their 'talent and growth challenges, they will have access to Hay Group experts.

Hay Group well regulated parallel city division events in Mumbai, Bengaluru and Delhi wherein startups from where theNextBig100 programme were taken through leadership development and experience sharing by chief authorities of Microsoft, InMobi, Snapdeal and Hay Group. Hay Group India Director Debabrat Mishra explains, "If Indian startup founders want to achieve success, they need to increasingly focus on their networker and team builder roles."

Added to which he said the trend of co-founders having the same team profiles preference also experience a major trial. "Founders should ensure that the team that they get onboard supplement their skill-sets and competencies. Hiring clones of you is never a good idea," says Mishra.Reports from IT industry state that Nasscom has found that India has been ranked third worldwide among startup ecosystems with over 4,200 blooming firms. Witnessing drastic growth in the evolution of unconventional startups and creative entrepreneurs, the Indian technology has moved to greater heights.

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