Workplace Of the Future: Virtual, Collaborative and Flexible

By Purshottam Purswani, Chief Architect, Atos India


Purshottam Purswani, Chief Architect, Atos India

Today, organizations worldwide are facing new challenges in transforming “Traditional Workplace” to “Digital Workplace” thus improving and creating new ways of employee collaboration, enabling employees to work from any device anytime and from any where.


Future Digital workplace is a new paradigm for “Virtual, Collaboration and Flexible” workplace providing for new and more effective ways of working; raises employee engagement and agility; and exploits consumer- oriented styles and technologies, although governed by appropriate governance structure and management processes.

Future Digital Workplace will be:

Virtual -  G one are the days where meetings happen within the confinement of board rooms or conferencing environment (Skype, WebEx, among such collaborative tools). Today, technology has advanced to a level where employees can collaborate via. “Digital Avatar or Persona” in a Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality (VR) and Mixed Reality space which provides the same amount of flexibility and sense of “being closer”, opening new frontiers of collaboration.  Virtual Workplace decouples work from physical locations.

"Providing seamless collaboration across the enterprise with the help of integrated & intuitive collaboration tools ensuring right  information reaches the right audience"

Collaborative – Providing seamless collaboration across the enterprise with the help of integrated & intuitive collaboration tools ensuring right information reaches the right audience. Enterprise systems should be seamlessly integrated with the new age collaboration platforms to extract & share enterprise information. The ability to collaborate in virtual workplace would revolutionize the way employees interact with dull dashboard & reports. We are not away from a scenario, where humans will interact & collaborate with robots powered by deep and cognitive learning.  Instant messaging platform like Facebook,

Whats App, Microsoft, Apple, etc. all have enterprise collaborative solutions providing team messaging and chats.

Flexible – Providing flexible working environment and workplaces where team members can work any time and from any where.  Employees also need the flexibility to choose the ways to access enterprise  applications and data from any device. Most of the employees  will  prefer to work from home and teams will comprise of remote and physically present employees.

Atos, being the Trusted Partner  for Digital Transformation, provides Agile, Cloud based, Efficient, Secured, and Omni-channel end-to-end Digital Workplace solutions to help our customers’ address their employees’ needs with no compromise on security.

Some of the use cases which Atos have successfully implemented are:

1) Using Atos Circuit which helps to simplify communications & collaboration between  ten  different locations.

2) Transforming the access to information of the company’s sales people on the road. Traveling sales staff can now use their mobile devices  to securely retrieve key corporate information in any location and at any given point in time.

3) Mobile Support, Automation & Self-Help to deliver globally consistent end-user support service to 73,000 users, using 1,35,000 devices in over 2000 locations.

 “In a study conducted by the global independent research company iSG, Atos has been ranked leader as a Digital Workplace Services provider”

“Atos has been positioned by Gartner as a Leader for European Managed Workplace Services (MWS), based on its ability to execute and completeness of vision.”

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