The Significance of Developing Consumer Experience for Achieving Higher Business Efficiency

By Rohit Dhingra, Co-Founder, TAGG


Rohit Dhingra, Co-Founder, TAGG

A young entrepreneur from Delhi, Rohit's strong inclination towards technology and a zeal to make it big in life gave him the idea of starting his own company of technologically advanced goods & gears.

At present, companies all over the world are acknowledging the significance of developing consumer experience realizing that it can either make or break their business. Building a great relationship with customers is essential to fuel your business. In order to develop a great and interactive experience for the consumers, understanding their journey is of prominent importance.

The consumer's perception towards a particular product or service shapes up the structure of the respective business and in order to support this perception, companies need to take care of the consumer experience right from the initial stages. The consumer experience shall not end even after the purchase has commenced, but the actual priority task commences right after it. Skilful after sales services and exciting offers are something that leaves the most significant impact on consumers' mind. No matter how good experience the consumer had during or before the purchase, poor after sale services can negatively impact their overall experience. Every bad experience refrains the consumers from opting again for the brand however, what makes this situation even worse is the negative word of mouth that they may spread amongst their close companions  and family. 

Word of mouth is one of the most underrated, yet powerful tools of marketing. Every year, the companies spend an enormous amount of money on marketing in order to gain the desired visibility and win the consumers' trust. If implemented in the right course, the impact of word of mouth can help companies to save a large amount of their profits that they divert towards various forms of marketing. Providing consumers with satisfaction will not just provide business with word of mouth publicity, but will also empower consumer loyalty towards the company. A great personal experience of a previous customer acts as a testimonial, which puts every company far ahead of its competitors. Negative word of mouth should be kept in check to avoid losing old as well as potential customers. The fact that attracting a new customer requires considerably more cost & effort than to retain an old one, improving customer experience becomes even more important.

Customer experience is the most powerful tool of marketing at present. As the competition is getting more cutting edge with every passing day, it enables companies to differentiate themselves in a comprehensive market. With the availability of more than hundreds of options in each category, the modern customers have multiple choices. The only way to engage them is to provide them with a unique experience as the modern customer is much more informed and empowered. They educate themselves thoroughly before making the final decision of purchase and expect the best services when they approach you with their dilemma.

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