The Importance of Immigration Consultants in Today’s Market

By Sagar Datar, Manager – HR (Immigration), Bristlecone


Sagar Datar, Manager – HR (Immigration), Bristlecone

In the current world of constantly changing economics along with technology, we are seeing an increased need of best people to move across the borders. Employees need to relocate to a foreign country for project based assignments, intra company transfers, seasonal work assignments or higher education, medical purposes. An immigration consultant plays a very important role in this process and can best help individuals who are willing to relocate to a foreign country for short/long duration. An immigration consultant usually has adequate knowledge and can understand the exact requirements and suggest the appropriate visa category. He/she can also advice and guide on the process, required documentation to complete the visa process smoothly. He/she can help people know & understand border control procedures as well.

Few years back, travel took place predominately for tourism and leisure purposes. But, due to rapid change and fast growing world, the movement for employment and work assignment has increased and is expanding at over 15-20 percent every year. People are also travelling to seek best medical treatments and are willing to inherit education at best universities. With these developments, the role of professional immigration consultant has become quite significant. Over the period of time, immigration consultants understood and developed an excellent domain expertise. They have also gained good knowledge and kept themselves abreast with the latest developments/changes introduced by the various immigration authorities.

Immigration regulations are changing very frequently. The process of determining an applicant's eligibility and the visa application is very important and complex. Failure to do a correct evaluation or complete the necessary documentation and information can result in visa rejections and financial loss too. Immigration consultants can help increase the chances of successful visa applications.

The Demand Curve

The future for individuals working in this field or willing to join this industry is very bright. Currently, there are a very limited number of individuals and industry needs more consultants and best people who are aware of the immigration regulations, processes and compliances. There is a very high need of experts who have good knowledge of the immigration processes of countries in various geographies like Africa, Middle East, APAC, Europe, and North & Latin America.

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