Strategizing Business Growth with Project Management

By Deepshikha Singh, Managing Editor


Deepshikha Singh, Managing Editor

The Indian economy is going through a perpetual transformation ever since the industrial sector began to gain momentum in the country. This has uncorked profound and opportune business environment that has braced hundreds of business persons to prosper in their preferred domains. Business activities are growing at an accelerated pace which in turn is increasing the quota of projects. Though this growth has facilitated businesses to make significant headways but also has intensified the task of efficiently managing these projects on time. In fact the overall success of an organization depends on how competently it administers and settles each of its endeavours. To make sure that the progression does not encounter a cessation, firms secure the service of the Project Management. Be it a brick and mortar industry or hi-tech industry or research driven industry such as pharmaceuticals, projects become an inherent part of the growth strategy.

Today, successful project management is no longer a simple, triple constraint option, getting it out of the door fast, cheap, and on spec is not enough to guarantee future profits in a new dynamic economy. Companies are looking for project managers who can focus on the strategic link for getting the project from the business case to the actual achievement of the project business benefits. Be it constructing a handsome monument or setting up huge corporate buildings, deciding on which task to work on priority and ensuring on-time completion of the project is at all the time a primary issue. This requirement entails the rise of managing and organizational skills to set the seal on the on progress projects. This in all makes project management skills the most appropriate mode of conduct to clearly define the state of every task. Taking the credit are the project management consultants who employ deep expertise, industry knowledge and best practices in action along with project strategies and construction methodologies. In our current edition, we have featured a list of “10 Most Promising Project Management Consultants” who are likely to contour the industry with their unique strategies in 2021. We have also featured the success stories of some of the leading consultants in the industry, hope you will enjoy their success sagas. Read to know more about them.

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