Social Media Marketing Trends To Watch Out In Future: For Enterprises And Businesses

By Shashank Vaishnav, Co-Founder & CTO, WittyFeed


Shashank Vaishnav, Co-Founder & CTO, WittyFeed

Developed with thought, engineered with precision and nurtured with love, WittyFeed is the fastest growing content company on the globe. Shashank is a computer science graduate and Co-Founder & CTO of WittyFeed. Prior to founding WittyFeed, he also has co-founded Vatsana.

When we talk about social media content marketing, trends are changing every minute, a new hashtag is born and a new poster design or a new technology is used in the way we create different form of media. People in the content industry should always be on the lookout for a new development. As far as strategies are concerned, the content ecosystem is full of new paradigms, but you can still leverage an existing aspect in an entirely different new, which no one has opted for before and get extraordinary results. Let's just put it in context to a corporate content piece floated on a social media platform at 9 O'clock at night  you could experiment with the same post at two in the afternoon when professionals have their lunch and who knows that the post reaches a larger audience and gets more  engagements than the one at night.

Technology has aided us with so many tools to assess progress like geographic insights targeted boost for a content piece revolving around local issues, and others. The creation of a content also plays an equally important role because if an article on winter is created in summer then it's of no use because people wouldn't care to read it  which brings me to sentimental analysis one of the recent trends which I've seen in the ever evolving content ecosystem where companies are now focusing on comments shares reactions and based on that study they create similar content.

"As long as the content is relatable, the enduser will enjoy it"

The Future of Content
 Marketing The potential which lies in the world of content is infinite. The content has evolved from newspapers, radio, television to Pager, AR, VR, Mobile Smartphones & 3D Hologram. Shakespeare also used to tap on to the emotions of people and so is today's writer. As long as the content is relatable, the enduser will enjoy it. People are made more aware of things by the day, to be unknown to anything has always intrigued a human and sparked that fire within them to know more about it and explore. It is way beyond the  quality & stories it's the relevancy.

We're not the typical media platform which breaks the news and talks with the same perspective which a hundred others are already doing. We believe in staying unique, finding that element(s) which our millions of followers would relate to love to talk about it, and on top of all, will feel more informed and entertained. We carry a mindset and an objective of meeting that vision every day that's the strategy we follow and to execute it smoothly, improvise in our methods every now and then, whenever needed to maintain the course. Viral is a destination we have achieved far too many times and are persistent in our efforts to do it innumerable times more in the coming future. To succeed in our smallest of our endeavors is what drives us, to do better than what we did a year ago or an hour ago  the only thing which will always give us the upper edge. Competition is what we see in the mirror and not who is holding it.

To quote an example, one of our stories which performed well was & 11 Incredible Resorts in India You Must Visit At Least Once. There were a couple of reasons behind its success, primarily the way title was framed grabbing the attention of every reader as to there is something you might miss out on. The byline came with a conviction & Stop  planning start traveling & we ingrain confidence in our reader's mind precisely. Lastly, who doesn't love vacations or luxurious life? We're in the business of storytelling, and we make sure to pack it up with dreams, aspirations, and make the reader feel hundreds of emotions. By the way the story garnered more than half a  million sessions.

WittyFeed is growing at the rate of light speed. Our distribution arm is getting strong every minute. Our innovations are taking shape and we are sure that by the end of 2018 we will be leading the content distribution industry and be the origin of undiscovered informative and entertaining content.

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