Smartphone Trends to Watch Out for in 2017

By Deepika Singh, Director-Marketing Communications, Gionee India


Deepika Singh, Director-Marketing Communications, Gionee India

The Smartphone brands have taken India by a storm in 2016 with India acquiring the second spot in the list of world’s largest Smartphone market. The phenom­enal growth opportunities have urged the international players to revamp their outlook and cater to the ‘value for money’ ideology of In­dian consumers. With India’s large user base shifting from feature phone usage to smartphones, the 4G penetration will target a colos­sal half a billion population by the next decade.

The in-depth look at how these devices have been shaping our In­dian market from the category of budget friendly smart phones in 2016 to a category of devices that en­compass faster internet connectivity, exclusive design, and are far more sophisticated and intelligent in the year 2017. The changing trends sug­gest how these smart phones have evolved over the years, managed to change the lives of the people and they continue to mutate to dy­namic designs, better resolution, and better speed.

4K Displays: T he d isplays n ow measure 5.5 inches and have a resolution of 2160 x 3840, with an astounding 806 pixels per inch. They seem to be the inevitable transforma­tion that every Smartphone industry will welcome in the year 2017, a defi­nite eye candy for wide screen lovers. In the New Year, the buyers might have to choose between 4K UHD and 4K OLED smart phones.

Bluetooth 5.0: With the newest edition of Bluetooth introduced in the market - Bluetooth 5.0, this new technology is primarily a delight among the buyers, as the update pledges to double the range and qua­druple the speed of its earlier version called Bluetooth 4.2. It will reduce breaks in Bluetooth connections be­tween devices and can even travel through walls.

Innovative Chargers: Charging your phones endlessly for hours with all those wires has been a thing of the past. The eco-friendly and un­conventional ways of charging help manage people charge their phones on the go with various renewable energy options available. From hand turbine to solar sunflower, there is an endless list of options available for the people to choose from.

Dual-camera Fashion: 2 017 i s expected to be the year when major Smartphones will adopt dual cam­eras for better image processing as they have already made an appear­ance on high-end phones but not in the mainstream yet.

Biometric Iris Recognition: Af­ter fingerprint scan validation, bio­metric iris recognition is expected to be the next big thing. Many flag­ship devices will now develop retina scan validation technologies that will help the users to unlock their smart phones by simply by looking at them.

According to the Morgen Stan­ley Research Report on global tech­nology and telecom, the country’s Smartphone market will grow at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 23 percent through 2018 and would account for 30 percent of the global growth during the pe­riod. Thus, with these trends com­ing into the picture, India is going to overtake the U.S. next year as the second-largest smartphone market by units.

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