SCIVOC Healthcare Consulting: Committed To Providing Tailored 'Medical Communications Services' To Meet Client Requirements

By Mohd. Najeeb Ashraf, Founder & Chief Executive Officer


Mohd. Najeeb Ashraf, Founder & Chief Executive Officer

The term medical communications (MedComms) is often misunderstood, and most of the service companies lack in-depth knowledge of this do­main. Having worked in the MedComms space for over 14 years in India and internationally, Md. Najeeb Ashraf was quick to sense an opportunity and an unmet need in the highly fragmented MedComms sector. SciVoc Healthcare Consulting Pvt. Ltd., a firmed communica­tions consultancy was established in February 2019 with the aim of delivering customized and ‘end-to-end’ Med­Comms solutions.

“The seed for SciVoc Healthcare got planted in my mind considering the lacuna that existed around the un­derstanding of MedComms as a service, mainly in India. I knew we could make a difference by our robust knowl­edge of the MedComms landscape. Hence, we envisioned creating a workplace where the core team has indepth knowledge about medical writing nuances (process, pro­cedure, and guidelines), and where people are passionate about medical writing and work ethically,” speaks Md. Najeeb Ashraf.

"SCIVOC healthcare offers over 30 years of combined core medcomms expertise, more than 50 decades of combined life sciences industry experience, and more than 12 years of marketing and content strategy expertise"

The core service pillars of SciVoc include medical writing, scientific content development, medico market­ing deliverables, graphic designing support, marketing solutions, and copy editing services. Our plans for get­ting into regulatory writing, digital MedComms space, and establishing a ‘MedComms Learning Academy’ are underway expected to launch by Q1 2020.

“What makes SciVoc diverse is our understanding of the MedComms landscape and how this can be trans­lated into the seamless customer experience with quality output. SciVoc offers customized ‘end-to-end’ solutions, in-depth experience in the field of medical writing, medi­cal communications, and marketing. Besides, we offer value-based solutions that are agile, nimble, and adapt­able based on clients' needs that result in reliable, timely, and quality output. With majority of the core team mem­bers being Certified Medical Publications Professional (CMPP) offered by the International Society for Medi­cal Publications Professional (ISMPP), the depth of sci­entific expertise provided by SciVoc in the MedComms space is indubitable. We stay competitive by offering our knowledge, professional experience, scientific expertise, and robust understanding of the MedComms landscape, considering there are limited experts in this domain in India. We continuously strive to be better than what we are today,” delineates Md. Najeeb Ashraf.

SciVoc Healthcare Consulting is working towards be­ing a ‘lean organization’ and onboard people who can identify with the ethics, culture, and passion of the com­pany. SciVoc wishes to be seen as an Indian consultancy with global scientific expertise providing quality service outputs, and having a world-class team of profession­als that will assist in changing the landscape of medical writing in India. SciVoc has had an opportunity to pro­vide ‘value-based’ solutions while working with diverse clients till date, and our vision is to build a MedComms organization at par with any global medical writing agency by virtue of our service quality, working culture, and access to the training platforms,” exclaims Najeeb.

Mohd. Najeeb Ashraf, Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Md. Najeeb ashraf is a medical communications expert with over 13 years of professional experience, robust background as a medical writer/reviewer and has held several leadership roles in a variety of functions in various pharma and medical communication agencies. A certified medical publications professional (cmpp), offered by is mpp, najeeb specializes in medical writing and medical communications, business strategy and development, training plan development, client management, publication planning and management, and strategic planning having worked across multiple therapeutic areas. Active and passionate about spreading awareness regarding diabetes, najeeb is a voracious reader and takes keen interest in entrepreneurship, people management, business development, leadership and soft skills.

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