Reviving SMEs with Right Advisory

By Deepshikha Singh, Managing Editor


Deepshikha Singh, Managing Editor

The most affected sectors due to the ongoing pandemic situation are SMEs and start-ups, due to lack of funds, customer engagement and business most of the SME and Start-ups have put a hold to their organizational functions. But, as the market is overcoming the crisis, the SMEs and Start-ups are planning to recover their operations and businesses. Gradually, all the industries have started back their operations, in the same way, the small businesses are also recovering their business after the release of lockdown. However, owing to the guidelines provided by the Government of India, the companies have to work with several limitations.

In order to keep their business on, retain workforce, pay debts and due to many more other reasons the smaller companies have to adhere to the new rules and work accordingly. While many businesses have established a series of strategies to recover their business, because of the unsteadiness effect caused by the pandemic, the smaller businesses are still struggling to stand back in the market. To market their goods and services to wider groups of customers, smaller companies have to think and build-out of the box strategies. It should also assist the organization in restoring its finances for further activities.

With the industry now going back to its usual rate of business, big companies are appointing separate business advisors for different facets of their operations to maintain smooth operations. But, SMEs due to the lack of financial stability are unable to do it. Acknowledging this need gap many industry stalwarts started focusing on offering specialized and holistic consultancy services for SMEs. These SME advisors provides expert consultancy services on various aspects of a business including finance, marketing, HR, and business development to name a few. In this issue of Consultants Review magazine we have put together a list of ‘10 Most Promising SME Advisors - 2020’ which will help you in finding the best in class SME advisors. We hope this proposed list comes in favor to companies that are looking for the best SME advisors and we achieve our mission.

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