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By Deepshikha Singh, Managing Editor


Deepshikha Singh, Managing Editor

When a business is still in its nascent stage, the focus is more on setting the ground, fetching more clients and establishing the brand in the market. During its early days any business can survive with traditional marketing skills and tactics, however, as time passes, a business needs to spread its wings across various verticals and geographies. Traditional methods of marketing often fall short in meeting the requirement of businesses at such level. At a time when businesses are often marketing-led or sales-led, customer engagement has become more important than ever before.

With the continuous use of smartphones and laptops and the new adoption of conversational AI like Alexa and Google Home, people are more connected to the world than any other time. People are also consuming content faster than ever before and with the easy connectivity via internet, businesses today are also stepping up to digital platforms to connect with the right clients.

In a world where having a unique identity is key in order to achieve success, the same goes for businesses too and companies that can brand and separate themselves from the rest has a higher chance of achieving success in the market. With almost all the industry verticals getting more and more competitive on a daily basis, branding is key so that the consumer can distinguish your products from the products of your competitors.

In this current market scenario, branding is not an option but a necessity which helps your organization to become unique and being unique will help your company to get easily identified by the consumers. Raising a toast to innovative branding and marketing consultants who are steering businesses to growth, we at Consultants Review magazine have put together a list of ‘10 Most Promising Consultants for Branding & Marketing – 2020’. A carefully curated list, it flaunts consultants who help businesses make their mark in the budding industry, thus making them the topnotch players of their realm. I hope this feature helps you in your future endeavors and we achieve our mission.

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