Great Ideas Need Right Advisory to Turn Into Greater Business

By Deepshikha Singh, Managing Editor


Deepshikha Singh, Managing Editor

Mumbai is gradually transforming from a dream city to a major consulting hub. The consulting space is massive. With a total value of around $250 billion, the global consulting sector is one of the largest and most mature markets within the professional services industry. In context to this, the Indian market is not left behind. Recognized for its speedy development, the future of Indian consulting industry is all about resilience and startup.

Over the past few years, the consulting market has booked year on year growth and the results clearly indicate that the development of the consulting industry is closely tied to the developments of the global economy. In times of flourishing economic conditions, increased demand for consulting services by domestic and foreign firms sector in India is consistently growing. Almost all the industries are undergoing a massive change. Rising business opportunities, and the mushrooming business organizations throughout the countries demand for an extended arm that can help them in their growth path.

Mumbai, the fintech capital of India is one such city which has exploded massively in terms of being a new entrant in consulting space. The massive rise of SMEs and startups has led the consultants positioned there to foray in the consulting space and assist them out. As the business hub there is maturing, the number of consultants is Mumbai has also started expanding. Not only in terms of size, but also in case of service offerings. The major strengths of the consultants include diverse capabilities, professional competence, lowcost budget structure, streamlining & outsourcing processes, quick learning capability and more. Keeping pace with the latest technology advents, these consultants are considered to be the torch-bearers for businesses and help them sustain in the long run.

In our current edition, we have featured a list of  “10 Most Promising Consultants from Mumbai - 2020”.  The difficult economy and tougher clients, competition and project mandates firmly predict that these consultants are sure to raise the game.

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