Energy & Power Consultants In Indian Market

By Nishesh Pandit, Manager Business Development (India, Middle East and SE Asia), Meteodyn


Nishesh Pandit, Manager Business Development (India, Middle East and SE Asia), Meteodyn

With experience in Renewable Energy, International business, Consulting, Smart Cities, Softwares/ Simulations, Energy Storage and Power domain, an alumnus of Symbiosis Institute of International Business, Pune. Keen to work on new technologies and innovations in renewable energy, energy storage, power, smart grid and smart city field.

India is one of the 2nd rising stars in the world right now in “Renewable Energy country attractiveness index”, with this said there is a long road ahead for the energy and renewable power sector. India’s power sector is among the most diversified globally with renewable to non-renewable power sourcing. As the energy sector is going major changes it needs both private and government push to have a sustainable, economical and practical growth. Pertaining to the consultants in renewable and power domain are playing a key role by guiding the companies to take feasible, technically advanced and financially beneficial steps as followed globally.

Renewable Energy sector and consultants’ role

In the renewable sector to be specific to wind and solar various globally recognized consultants are providing consulting services.

The consultants are providing the information and right procedures for the acquisitions, valuations, mergers to the renewable players. As the foreign investments has also increased in Indian renewable sectors the investors are also guided for the market and funding by the consulting firms. The various areas of funding in India are developing solar farms, rooftop projects, micro grids, wind farms, energy storage, etc.

One of the major aspects is the technical and operational know how that a consultant provides for new technologies, its applicability and uses. Wind sector which has now seen at least two decades in India is evolving with the new capacity turbines both for on and off shore turbines. The technical aspects of the wind projects like wind resource assessment power curve testing, annual energy estimation reports, new CFD based advance tools/ software’s, etc these are very much provided by the consultants which have worked on these projects not only domestically but as well as globally. Also solar in similar way has got aspects of solar resource assessment, AEP reports, module testing etc. The major improvement and developments happening in renewable sector in very much accepted by the domestic market as well. Similarly in power domain the PPA’s ,open access, due diligence, power trading, etc is also very much directed by the consultants to the new as well as old players in the industry

The consultants are using the latest tools/software, expertise manpower, international standards and benchmarks for imparting such knowledge to the clients. One of the leading firm in the same domain is Meteodyn a French company providing such consulting and software’s from last 15 years globally. Some of the players in the market don’t understand the importance of right consulting at right time its similar to a quote “ a stich at time saves nine”, they may overlook the expert guidance and repent later. Thus to avoid such scenarios companies need to keep open mind and acceptance for such guidance’s which not only benefits in long run but also saves time.

Present and future Scenario of market

The present scenario of renewable market is a growing one in which many road blocks have already hit the market and many other regulations are on the way to remedification it. As it’s the growth stage from developing to advance position, its meant to go through these blocks. The need of the hour is to take right decisions with in the power market as the target of 175GW can only be viable if it gives way to both private players and government rules a similar alignment.

The consultants are very much market inclined towards the situation and guiding the companies internally for right decision making. It’s expected that the market can regain its 2016 pace with a year as per expert analysis.

The future looks very promising with the vision of esteemed prime minister and government support the industry is expected to growth exponentially. The grid capacity and open access regulations need to be improved in order to make more viable and competitive market. Both the consultants and companies with respect to use to technology and investment need to be on toe to achieve their goals.

With the growing economy, rising power sector and renewable sector it is expected a huge demand for consulting needs to come over difficult positions by companies, to have guided funding and investments, follow international guidelines, use of latest technologies, etc. New entrants and well as old players in the industry need to take consulting from experts when the market and regulations are changing specially. We may say that a consultant’s guidance at right time is like a teacher’s advice which can potentially save or make a company at required times.

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