Effective Project Management Can Steer Business Towards Growth

By Deepshikha Singh, Managing Editor


Deepshikha Singh, Managing Editor

Whether it is a brick and mortar industry or it is a hi-tech industry that is driven by research and data, projects have become an inherent part of the growth strategy. While more and more products are becoming commodities owing to the technology obsolesce and shorter life cycle of products, the companies bank upon margin rich new products which drive the bottom-line. Since these programs are essentially driven by right project management in organizations, the need for inculcating project management as a practice is ever increasing more than ever before and this is very relevant to today’s industry scenario.

Although Project Management has been around for thousands of years now, in today’s globally connected digital environment, it has become more important than ever before. The competitive space is changing and getting extended due to the ease in starting a business. The project managers of today must effectively leverage the following key principles, in order to thrive and be competitive in the digital age, resulting in excellence in project delivery. Managers who have to juggle complex business projects are under a lot of stress and this is why project management consultants are so valuable. They use their expertise within a specific field to help other businesses and firms to develop and manage a project while reducing the stress managers’ experience and helping a business complete a project on schedule and within its budget.

Ensuring end-to-end customer service, numerous Project Management Consultants have stepped ahead within the industry. Raising a toast to such innovative consultants in this sector and for all the Project Management Consultants out there, we at Consultants Review magazine have put together a list of ‘10 Most Promising Project Management Consultants – 2020’ who are taking up the bar with their unique offerings. We have also curated a list of ’10 Most Promising MEP Engineering Consultants – 2020’, a list which includes consultants who help businesses through their operations, thus making them the top-notch players of their realm. I hope this feature helps you in your future endeavours and we achieve our mission.

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