Current Trends Of Digital Marketing

By By Husain Habib, Co-Founder & CMO, Hats-Off Digital

Interactive Content

These days we all are content creators that are trying to reach an audience. Therefore, as digital marketers, we need to give our readers a professional approach that should be unique. Our content should be a mixture of consulting, educating, entertaining, interacting, and visual written content. As any successful interactive content will allow a user to dive in and enjoy the process of it without feeling targeted for motive marketing. For instance, polls, quizzes, shoppable posts or 360-degree videos, etc. This is an old concept that will be very useful and help businesses in various ways as it gives your audiences to stay on your page and share your post further making your page reach to more number of people. Also, people love to quietly interact these days!

"It has been stated that about 63 percent of customers trust influencer's opinions of any product and services and around 58 percent of people tend to buy products because of their recommendations" 

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