Changing Face of Modern India: The Power of Pink Drives India's Growth

By Khyati Shah, Senior Vice President - YES BANK


Khyati Shah, Senior Vice President - YES BANK

The past seven decades post-independence have witnessed a phenomenal change in the socio-economic conditions in the country. With budding entrepreneurs fuelling the nation’s growth, the standard of living now matches the likes of developed nations. The journey of entrepreneurship either ends in success or accrual of knowledge sufficient for consultation. But in case of women, it has taken a step further and proved to be a trend setter for thousands who now aspire to advance to important positions career wise following the footprints of their successful predecessors.

Traditionally, the Indian society has seen women as the nurturing force restricted to the walls of home, aiding the growth of future generations. However, the scenario is fast changing where women are now contributing towards family income and sharing equal responsibilities. This has led to the birth of ‘Double Income Group’, which is responsible for India’s economic growth and improved standard of living for the people of this country.

While women have been associated with lighter job roles such as teaching and human resource professionals, the zeal to make a difference now seems to be the foundation of women entrepreneurship. The past decade has seen the rise of several women who are successfully leading businesses and corporations, accepting challenging roles, and moving ahead to positions of prominence.

Technology Aids Woman Entrepreneurship

With technology taking a lead stand, they are easily able to multi-task with respect to work management, peer communication, and networking, which are expected of any person holding a significant role in business or corporation.

With the help of leading technologies such as mobile email, video conferencing, web chat, and virtual workspaces, women are now able to work from home. Technology endorses versatile work culture that aids women in maintaining a healthy balance between home and office. This has resulted in several women, who now consider career as an important factor that defines their identity, rather than just a mere avocation to pursue as a hobby or while away time. The transformation from a nurturer to the colossal driving force for change in the country has become a reality due to women entrepreneurship.

3D’s of Women Entrepreneurship – Discipline, Determination, Devotion

Discipline plays a crucial role in both individual as well as organization success. Education and awareness about rights, duties, and circumstances makes a woman well-read and knowledgeable. Thus she becomes disciplined in terms of her decisions and actions, exudes confidence, breeds positive attitude, and becomes the reason for the change.

Along with discipline, the desire and zeal to make a difference contributes towards individual success. Perhaps, that is why determination is the foundation stone for women entrepreneurship which endorses liberty to express views and opinions by dynamically understanding the situation.

With Discipline and Determination, the devotion towards betterment of the society by doing a valuable contribution is what drives women empowerment. This is why it targets to replace patriarchy with parity wherein both the genders enjoy equal opportunities, rights, obligations, and outcomes in all walks of life. It involves walking shoulder-to-shoulder, shouldering equal responsibilities, at home and workplace, with men.

Women Empowerment – Gives Every Woman An Identity

Women empowerment is the freedom to make choices. It is this self-awareness among women that has bestowed us with several successful women, who have carved an identity in the business world, independent of the names of their father or husband. It is this sense of independence that has bestowed us with successful women leaders who are redefining work cultures, establishing business connections, and expanding businesses.

New-age corporates like YES BANK are supporting women empowerment by launching YES Empower program & YES WE CARE program to support women once they are back from their maternity leave and through various health benefits.

Women Empowerment And Entrepreneurship Go Hand In Hand

Women empowerment has granted the fairer gender the freedom to make choices, chase dreams, and make the difference. It is this freedom that drives women entrepreneurship, and has given the society successful women business leaders, who work with dedication, determination, and devotion. Women empowerment shares a lion share in women entrepreneurship, and has helped in the rise of successful personas that act as role models for millions.

I believe “Moving ahead successfully in life at individual and professional level requires dedication, determination, and devotion. Patience and perseverance have helped throughout this journey, while freedom to make and endorse decisions, and passion for the trade did placate the troubles stepping in the path to success. Prompt family support, conducive work culture, and never ending zeal to learn are vital for individual growth, and positive attitude with the desire to innovate helped in making all the difference.” 

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