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21st Century Sanitation Solutions

21st century sanitation solutions

Siddeek Ahmed, Chairman & Managing Director, Eram Group

Home Automation the Next Big Wave

home automation the next big wave

BanSeng Teh, SVP, Global Sales, Marketing & Sales Operations, Seagate Technology

Grocery E- Commerce: Winning in India

grocery e- commerce: winning in india

Shashwat Badoni, Associate Director - Strategy & Yevheniya Krutko, Senior Manager - Customer Development, PepsiCo

 Cloud for Accelerated Business Intelligence

cloud for accelerated business intelligence

Neeraj Verma, IT Director-Platform and Analytics, NCR Corporation

Trends in Technological Innovation Rapidly Shaping the New Business Landscape

trends in technological innovation rapidly shaping the new business landscape

Adam Storch, Vice President - Business Solutions, Micro Strategies

Experiencing Success through Failure: A Lesson for BPO Organizations

experiencing success through failure: a lesson for bpo organizations

Arun Rangamani & Subha Vaidyanathan SVP & BU and Head & Senior Director and Senior Director Software Product, SCIO Health Analytics

Sharpen Focus on Data Critical to the Success of Global Business Impact

sharpen focus on data critical to the success of global business impact

Bob Yang, Vice President - Sales, Asia, Seagate Technology

The Role Of CMO In Business

the role of cmo in business

Amit Sarna, Vice President - Clients Success & Partnership, Kenscio Digital Marketing Pvt.Ltd.

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