The Importance Of Media Consulting in Online Marketing

By Neha Kulwal, CEO, Admitad India


Neha Kulwal, CEO, Admitad India

Today, media industry is one of the fastest growing sectors especially digital strategy consulting for any online portal.As we know, in India digital platform use has become an integral part for any organisation. Apart from several e-commerce portals opening every next day, lot of offline brands have started  focussing on digital strategy as there is a shift in demographics to younger generations who engage in a high level of media consumption. So, in order to get that market penetration you need media consulting firm who takes care of the full spectrum like social media marketing, SEO, PPC, mobile media, online PR and more.


Looking at today’s online strategy for any brand, the demand for skilled online consultant agencies have been increased as they understand the market and competitive pressure and stay up to date with latest industry trends. We can also say that these consultants help any organisation to meet their business goals.


Similarly if we talk about affiliate marketing which is one of the important part of online marketing strategy. To run an affiliate campaign it is important that you get one or two partners who can associate with you to run your affiliate campaign. Affiliate networks works as a consultant to work with these publishers and generate sales and leads in to company’s website. In order to acquire customers affiliate marketing plays a very significant role.


Offers, deals, vouchers which can be used on site is part of strategy and networks  provide  such consulting solutions to online brands. These networks take care of full acquisition strategy in which they help to reach, act, engage and convert a customer. Networks help clients to reach to their ROAS (return on ad spends) target.


To conclude, it is very important for any online portal to include affiliate marketing in their marketing strategy and work with networks to help them to consult in marketing as it will help them to reach their targeted audience.

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